A Guide On How To Measure And Get Aerial Roof Measurements
Admin Admin April 21, 2022

The best system produces real-time aerial roof measurements without human or tool dependency. That is complete automation.

Ordering an aerial measurement report is a far more expedient and simple method of obtaining roof measurement information. It is possible to handle the whole roofing process digitally, saving you time and minimizing measurement mistakes. 

Instead of standing on a ladder to measure shingles on a roof by hand and entering measurements into an estimate for the clients, the entire process may be managed digitally.

Read on to learn more about how to get and how aerial roof measurements are used.

What Aerial Roofing Measurements Are and How They Work

Aerial roof measurements are reasonably straightforward, especially for a technology that may benefit your organization. Planes or drones fly over residential and business sites, taking pictures that are then sent to the internet.

aerial roof reports

A report with exact measurements of a roof's area, length, and pitch is prepared based on the photographs captured. In most cases, details include the measurement of a roof's ridges, hips, valleys, rakes, eaves, flashing, and step flashing, among other things.

There is, however, a DIY aerial roof measurement that may be done for free if you are on a tight budget! To learn more, continue reading.

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How to Use GoogleEarth to Take Aerial Roof Measurements

There are several excellent benefits to using Google Earth, but none matches the aerial roof measurement provided by DIY. To get access to the roof deck, you don't even need to climb up onto the roof in the first place. This may make measuring considerably safer and remove a significant amount of uncertainty from your calculation.

You'll need to first open the app on your mobile device or Google Earth on a laptop or desktop computer to get started. Choose the option that allows you to type in the address from among the offered numerous. This option is also accessible if you wish to zoom in on the map and specify the starting place of a particular roof. To calculate the outer edge area of the roof, just click around the perimeter of the roof's perimeter.

aerial roof reports

Please see the box below for help converting this to other units of measurement such as feet squared or miles squared (or vice versa). This method will also allow you to understand the form of the roof's perimeter.

It is possible to quickly determine the acreage or land size of your property with the assistance of this tool. The area of your roof and any additional areas you'd like to have estimated will be supplied. Furthermore, you may include this application on your own website.

There are occasional concerns to bear in mind when utilizing these tools. If you're in a remote area, the address may not bring up the results you're looking for; as a result, you'll need to utilize the cross streets to get what you're looking for. If you live in a secluded area, you may need to use GPS coordinates or a landmark to find your way to your destination.

If you're using a GPS, enter the latitude first, followed by the longitude, separated by a comma. Once you've established a starting point, you may use it to identify the building for which you'll be doing the roofing calculation.

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Final Thoughts on Aerial Roof Measurements

Again, this DIY aerial roof measurement method is helpful in making broad measurements. Measurements in the field are essential before you buy any materials. An accurate inventory of supplies is necessary for metal roofing projects to remain on budget.


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