All The Things You Can Do With RooferIntel CRM
Admin Admin May 27, 2022

RooferIntel CRM system may do more than simply connect. Nurturing leads, closing deals, and keeping clients may help you grow revenue.

Rooferintel CRM

Tools and Features of RooferIntel CRM

1. Customization

The demands of each organization are different, and RooferIntel CRM software may be customized to meet your specific requirements. RooferIntel CRM allows you to pick which features to include in your package and also allows you to personalize some of the more fundamental sections. You can have the ability to add contact fields, access to the human resource module, the roof estimate function, and the ability to produce customized proposals and reports.

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2. Tracking of employees

When it comes to tracking staff activities and performance, RooferIntel CRM is a fantastic tool. It provides workers with their own accounts, where they may keep track of their hours worked, tasks completed, meetings attended, sales figures achieved, objectives set, and other relevant information. Moreover, it grants supervisors and top management access to dashboards that allow them to monitor individual employee time logs and data, expense tracking, and other productivity measures. This may assist managers in writing employee performance reports, creating incentives, rewarding good workers, identifying those who are struggling, and identifying and addressing areas that need improvement.

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3. Management of the leads

You will be able to identify your leads and their activities throughout the sales cycle if you use a lead management tool. RooferIntel CRM's lead management will allow you to score your prospects and, if necessary, route them to a different member of your team to convert more leads into clients.

Dead leads might languish in a CRM for many weeks or months at a time. Keeping track of leads and redistributing silent or apparently dead leads to various team members for re-engagement is the hallmark of a successful sales manager.

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4. Data is updated in real-time

RooferIntel CRM's real-time data capability allows you to do the following:

Marketing choices concerning bidding prices and internet advertising placement may be made with more knowledge and confidence.

Get a real-time picture of market demand so that you may adjust your marketing strategy as needed to get more excellent outcomes in less time.

Determine which of your items and services earn the most money and those that create the most negligible revenue and may benefit from more exposure to the public.

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5. Organized documents

RooferIntel CRM allows you to collect, upload, save, and share documents in a single place, making it simpler for everyone involved to access information.

An easily accessible single source for crucial documentation may go a long way toward ensuring that all team members are up to date, and it can also help to ensure that your clients have a seamless and uniform experience.

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6. CRM Analytics

This feature may assist you in making better choices about the projects, services, marketing, and general communications you provide to your clients; this information is essential to you.

When producing proposals and estimates with RooferIntel CRM, you may have the option to view clear profit and loss data to assist you in determining your sales.


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