Construction Industry CRM Software: The Good, The Better, and The Best
Admin Admin November 30, 2022

The best customer relationship management system (CRM) for freelancers is the one that offers the most value for its price while causing the least amount of stress. Simple and direct! To what extent, therefore, does selecting the appropriate instrument seem so difficult?

Getting things in order is something we can assist you with. We've used every possible contractor CRM option out there.

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Expectations from Good Contractor CRM Software

CRM software has evolved. Many alternatives are available. Most systems provide contact management capabilities and one-size-fits-all functionality to communicate with customers. These are developed with an office-hub approach, where your office serves as a command center with which field employees check-in.

These are CRM-only solutions. They focus on CRM without recognizing that it's directly tied to PM (project management).

These solutions are correct, and they're better than nothing, but they don't totally address CRM concerns.

Expectations from Better Contractor CRM Software

Some CRM software packages include a few extra functions, which might appear fascinating. These features are generally expensive and won't improve your bottom line. Technically, the program is superior, but the value needs to be there. While these additional features may seem unique in certain places, you're still dealing with a one-size-fits-all product.

These solutions may lack PM functionalities. These solutions may provide an app, but not all are equal. Many central office systems have no mobile app. Your field crew and office team still need to be in sync since they lack offline synchronization, portable forms, and other capabilities.

This isn't a long-term answer for contractor firms. Eventually, the value gap will rub, leading to an expensive change.

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The Best Contractor CRM Software

We'll concentrate here a little more since this is where most contractors want to be. You need the finest in business.

RooferIntel excels in areas outside CRM functionality. Our CRM is integrated. Cloud-integrated, it covers PC, mobile, and online. We've developed it with you in mind; the total is more prominent than each component.

Best-in-industry contractor CRM software features:

  • RooferIntel is simpler. Another contractor's CRM software has no learning curve. Software specialists that know how to design an exciting user interface built it. RooferIntel improves your business's overall performance.
  • RooferIntel is more feature-rich. This improves your field effectiveness. Nothing else is as helpful.
  • Better pricing. No commitments and a low per-person price.
  • RooferIntel includes procedures and reporting for project management.
  • RooferIntel promotes teamwork. Everyone has up-to-date records and papers.
  • Prepare. Your crew is always prepared.
  • No further follow-up issues. You know when to contact leads and customers. They know what to do next without being babysat.
  • You decide. Custom features are easily accessible.
  • Document workflow choices for your staff and customers.

You can only get so far with good and better. Your team deserves the best CRM software obtained by a contractor. And it's a good idea to start with the best now instead of thinking you'll upgrade later, especially when you can get so much for so little. Try our free trial out today. 

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