Effectively Using Digital Pitch Gauge For Roofing
Admin Admin June 14, 2022

A digital pitch gauge for roofing complicates your measurements. Without a pitch value on 2D design, you won't know how much you'll need to cover your hips, rakes, step walls, and valleys.

digital pitch gauge for roofing

Pitch's Role in the Big Picture

If you have been working in this field for any length of time, you are aware that the angle of your roof adds a level of complication to the measurements you take. When seen from above on a two-dimensional plane, a standard roof diagram might make the structure seem straightforward. After including the pitch value in the design for the first time, it will accurately depict the three-dimensional nature of the roof and provide you with precise measurements.

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The slope of the roof plane regarding level ground is referred to as the roof pitch, and it is often stated in inches of rise over inches of run. For those of you who are new to the business, this explanation may be helpful. The most common values range from 4/12 (which denotes a rise of four inches over a run of twelve inches) to 9/12, marking the beginning of the "steep-sloped" roof classification range.

Suppose a pitch value is not provided on a two-dimensional design. In that case, you will be unable to determine the rise in your hips, rakes, step walls, and valleys that the pitch will bring about and the amount of material required to cover those lines.

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Utilize a Digital Pitch Gauge For Roofing

We can now go on to discuss how to measure the pitch since you now have a better understanding of why it is so important. We are aware that there are certainly experienced roofers in the world who could probably win a lot of bets just by eyeballing the pitch of the roof, but we recommend utilizing a tool to protect yourself from making any mistakes. There are both physical and digital pitch gauges on the market today.

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The importance of precision cannot be overstated when discussing why you shouldn't depend on eyeballing or guessing the pitch value. The roofs of many contemporary single-family houses have different pitch values, and further complications may be introduced by roof features such as dutch gables and dormers. It is excellent practice to measure the pitch of each roof plane in order to get dependable, precise data that may be used to purchase materials with confidence.


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