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How much time does it take you to create estimates? With the roof estimating software from Rooferintel, roof estimating is made easy for you.

Estimating is a time-consuming process that may be streamlined to eliminate mistakes and save time. Roof estimating software has options to assist you quickly, conveniently, and correctly making estimates. Do you know which roof estimating software is best suited to your company?

Check out RooferIntel's roof estimate software and some of its tools and features in this article to see whether it's the appropriate fit for your business.

roof estimating software from Rooferintel

RooferIntel's Roof Estimating Software's Tools and Features

1. The Roof/Work Type Category

RooferIntel's Roof Estimating Software offers a Roof/Work Type category, in which you may enter the most important information about your projects, such as the project name, the slope type, the roof type, and the type of work you will be doing on it. It also provides the opportunity to create a customized pricing list, pick the kind of warranty, and provide warranty notes.

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2. The Roof & Substrate Category

Under this category, you have the opportunity to input data about the thickness of the roof, the type of substrate, the field area, the wall area, and the tapered area, as well as upload a picture for the core sample photo attachment. Adding information regarding the number of drains, scuppers, and other plumbing penetrations is also an option.

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3. The Insulation Category

The Insulation category is quite helpful since it allows you to enter information about the number of insulation layers to be used and the field, wall, and tapering area if any are present. The best part about this category is that you may enter the exact insulation product you want, together with its technical specifications and manufacturer information!

4. The Metal Category

This category is really beneficial since RooferIntel includes a built-in metal design diagram with automatic features that are appropriate for your project. Also available is the ability to enter roofing accessories, complete with technical specifications and manufacturer information, in addition to their quantity and price.

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5. The Membrane Category

Almost identical to the Insulation and Roof & Substrate Categories, with the addition of the ability to specify the kind of membrane attachment and membrane accessories.

6. The Miscellaneous and Labor Category

This category is critical in the process of estimating roof costs. You may include labor and other miscellaneous items that are required for the project in order to create orderly notes for your data.

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7. The Review Category

Last but not least, this category provides you with the option of reviewing all of your collected and entered data from beginning to end. The good news is that this category has an option to automatically display the profit margin, which includes net sales, tax, total cost, and cost per square foot.

Roof Estimate Made Simpler

The RooferIntel roof estimating software makes it simple to generate an estimate proposal. You may send it electronically so that your potential client may evaluate it, decreasing the amount of time spent going to and from the project site and allowing the prospect to make choices on their own time. Visit RooferIntel's website today to get started with our services.


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