Frequently Asked Questions and Responses for Roofing Industry CRM Software
Admin Admin February 9, 2023

If you're considering roofing CRM software for your company, you undoubtedly have several questions. If you've never utilized a software system, it's hard to see how it might assist your organization. Before buying roofing software, seek CRM answers.

Many roofers test our software at RooferIntel. This technique generates similar software questions. Our CRM solves several roofers' queries.

common questions

CRM Question #1: "Why do I need software when I have other tools?"

You undoubtedly use several tools to run your company. Google calendars monitor deliveries and workers, Excel spreadsheets make invoices, and QuickBooks manages bookkeeping. You may have even started using a job-photo app. Why would you need another tool with so many?

CRM Answer #1: Roofing CRM software is the best tool

Roofing CRM software isn't a tool. It's the ultimate tool—the one item you can buy for your company that puts all the others in perspective. RooferIntel organizes, stores, and makes your company data conveniently available in the cloud. You don't have to switch tools to reschedule, invoice, or monitor work. Software platform holds everything. A roofing contractor CRM can assist you in making sense of all the information they're delivering if you've been stacking supplies.

RooferIntel also works with QuickBooks, Google Calendar, and SalesRabbit. The platform integrates the data from those technologies into the rest of the program, letting you view it in context with your company's performance. Thus, a roofing CRM will enhance your existing tools.

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CRM Question #2: "Is roofing software worth it?"

You know you must spend money to earn money as a wise company owner. You still balk at software prices. It seems costly. Is that money worth it?

CRM Answer #2: CRMs boost productivity and profitability.

Roofing CRM software lets you track work progress with a click. RooferIntel shows which jobs have unpaid invoices and the status of all your ongoing jobs. Invoicing with your profit margin is simple. QuickBooks connection lets you track payments and company performance. Ordering from ABC Supply directly on the platform ensures accurate material prices.

Result? Roofing software boosts profits. The typical RooferIntel user increases revenue by 40% and job earnings by 32%. Most roofers think that the expense of software is worth it due to the increased earnings potential and time savings from automating their procedures.

CRM Question #3: "Can a small company utilize roofing CRM software?"

Roof software helps you. Your firm needs better processes, data accessibility, and reporting. Your workplace is small—only three of you. Can a robust roofing CRM work for your business?

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CRM Answer #4: Software is for all sizes.

RooferIntel is for any size company. Our CRM software helps small businesses manage their work. The platform's features are flexible enough for small and big companies. The software can help operate any firm.

CRMs help small roofing companies maximize their resources. Unlike more prominent companies, small company personnel wear numerous hats and sometimes juggle many tasks. Roofing software's dashboard lets small firms monitor job performance and find expansion prospects without overworking their workers.

SmartDocs allows small companies to automate estimates and transmit paperwork for clients to sign online, saving time. CRM systems assist small firms in organizing and boosting income.

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