Helping Your Laborers Treat Homeowners With Respect
Admin Admin September 19, 2022

Successful roofing companies are known for their excellent customer service, and treating homeowners with dignity is essential to fostering the kind of relationships that lead to word-of-mouth advertising. Every member of your organization, from sales to management to the roofing crews, must treat the homeowners who put their faith in your business with the utmost respect. While you, as a roofing company owner, may appreciate the significance of respect, your employees or subcontractors may not.

Consider the following five guidelines if you want your team to treat you with the courtesy you deserve.

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1. Be Aware That Some Homeowners Won't Get It

The average homeowner lacks your team's depth of roofing industry experts. Have patience with them since they have no idea what a hip ridge is or why you need to place a layer of felt under the tiles.

Make sure your workers are aware of this. If a homeowner has questions, they are sent to a supervisor who is familiar with the job and can address their concerns without patronizing or belittling the homeowner. This is an industry standard that should be followed by your team and the rest of your firm if you care about the homeowner's opinion of your work.

2. Communication Is Crucial

Consistently keeping in touch with your customer is an excellent method to demonstrate your appreciation for their business. If you promise to follow up with them later in the week but fail to do so, or if you fail to provide them with the information they have asked for, it may seem as if you are too busy to care about them. Avoiding this severe error is as simple as ensuring that everyone on the team is talking to one another. Stress the need for punctuality and professionalism in all forms of communication, and promote the use of shared calendars and schedules to ensure no important dates or tasks are overlooked.

3. Effective Listening

When you converse, and the other person isn't listening, it's annoying. These circumstances are disrespectful and frustrating. Stress to your workers and foremen that listening to the customer shows respect. Active listening, not passive. Instead of merely hearing what the customer says, you grasp the meaning.

Engage in the dialogue, ask questions to clarify, and grasp the homeowner's arguments. Follow up by adding comments to the work file and creating Project Manager reminders or tasks. This will comfort the customer that their worries are being heard.

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4. The Unspoken Meanings

While it goes without saying that we should treat others with dignity, our nonverbal cues aren't always the most respectful. What may have been a well-received sentence might have been misconstrued due to your emotions and body language. Take note of this since it is pretty simple to allow your body language and facial expressions to get the better of you in a social situation.

Another quality that often escapes our notice but has the power to dramatically alter a customer's understanding and turn them off is tone. To avoid misunderstandings, check that your workers maintain a courteous demeanor in all aspects of their communication, including facial expressions, body language, and tone.

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5. Tidying Up

Lastly, before leaving for the day or finishing work, ensure that the area has been cleaned up to preserve the professional connection between your staff and the customer. It's reasonable that some supplies will be left behind, but they must be put away neatly and out of the way each night. When working on a residential project, remember that you are in the customer's house, so taking additional precautions to ensure no nails or debris in the yard would be much appreciated.

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