How a Roofing CRM Can Help Your Business Grow in the Future
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A contractor business owner must understand their organization's present and past performance. Leads, open positions, signed contracts, and financial data all add to a complete picture of your company's health; comparing this to the same period last year or last month gives you a sense of whether or not you're making progress. A roofing CRM system will give you a bird's eye perspective of your operations if you own a roofing company.

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It's understandable to feel overwhelmed while trying to choose the ideal piece of software for your company; there are many possibilities out there, and only one can provide the answers you want. When looking at CRMs, business owners should consider what kind of big-picture perspective they wish to have of how their roofing company is performing.

Overview of Financial Situation

Integrating your customer relationship management system with your accounting software, like Quickbooks, can give you a clear picture of your business's financial standing. The data is put into an easy-to-digest dashboard tailored to owners who want to know where their money goes down to the penny by comparing individual sales statistics and accessing overhead, material orders, outstanding contracts, and commissions.

Access to Archived Information

When a company has been established for a while, it accumulates paperwork such as invoices, insurance documents, and receipts from works completed and materials ordered. This paperwork must be filed and preserved so that staff may refer to it when necessary. For instance, a project manager is on-site when a client brings up earlier storm-related work and sifting through years' worth of documentation to find the relevant details is a logistical headache. The PM would have to contact the office, ask a staff member to look up the old files, make the necessary references, and then communicate that information to the client. If your team is swamped or can't seem to track down the essential documents, this might take many hours.

A contracting company's customer relationship management system (CRM) can save employees time and effort by centralizing your business's customer files in one convenient location. Employees in the field can quickly access relevant documents, photos, contracts, or materials needed to complete a job.

With the ability to quickly retrieve archived data, customization is greatly enhanced. This information is helpful for the salesperson even before he makes the estimate. If the client has remarked in the past that they would need new siding or gutter work "next time," the prior crew's notes might serve as a helpful resource.

Employees Can Be Added to the Team Quicker

Roofing firms may need to recruit seasonal, specialized, or extra workers to keep up with demand during busy seasons. A simple software package with pre-built templates may help you guarantee that your new hires are following business policy while filling out paperwork and that you have records that can be kept for future reference.

Errors are reduced, and new hires may contribute immediately because of the software's ease of use.

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Maintaining Fluency with Modern Resources

As time goes on and roofing and exterior construction get more complex, so do the tools and equipment required to do these jobs. Tools that allow for seamless connections are sure to save you time and effort.

Integrations within a single application mean less toggling back and forth between applications or accounts for all the features you need, saving you time and money in the long run. For example, when you order roofing measurements, the estimates are automatically populated, and photos can be taken, annotated, shared, and stored directly in the job files.

Every piece of technology eventually has to be updated. Having a customer relationship management system hosted and managed by developers rather than your office personnel means fewer downtime issues, more frequent upgrades, and specialized customer assistance, which is one less thing to worry about.

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Customer Relationship Management for the Contracting Industry

CRMs, BMSs, or whatever you want are not new technology. Still, the value they bring and the new capabilities introduced all the time may provide the perspective roofing company owners need to transition from paper and Excel to an all-inclusive digital area.

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