How Can A Roofing Crew Management App Help You See What Your Teams Are Doing?
Admin Admin September 12, 2022

To keep your clients happy, you must ensure that your projects move forward smoothly, affordably, and according to plan. Time is money, yet calling or visiting the project site to check in on personnel may add up fast. Most roofers are probably too busy to travel around town or answer hundreds of calls, so they may not know what their staff is doing.


Thankfully, advancements in roofing technology have made it simpler to monitor your sites in real-time. Using roofing crew management software in these four ways will provide you with a bird's eye view of your projects and a bird's eye view of your teams at work.

Advantages of Using HR Feature by RooferIntel to Keep an Eye on Your Workers

1. Registers of Time-Ins and Time-Outs

Suppose you had complete visibility into your personnel's arrival and departure times. You could have faith that the workers on your project would show up when they were supposed to. Another possible use is improving customer service by following up with homeowners after a team has left to see if they have any questions or reservations about the completed job.

This data is readily available via a roofing crew management tool like the HR feature by RooferIntel. Crews may use the app to report their presence and departure from a work site. The software keeps track of each crew's time-in and time-out timings and GPS locations, making this information readily accessible. Launching the app is all it takes to monitor the whereabouts of your personnel.

2. Personalized Project Checklists

There are many moving pieces in any roofing work, and even the most competent teams sometimes miss a step or make a mistake. You need to keep your teams on track so that nothing is overlooked and the client receives all that was promised. However, it's challenging to do so when you can't see what they're doing at every moment.

For each roofing project, you may create a unique checklist on the HR feature by RooferIntel. Roofing personnel can keep to their schedules and ensure that every part of the job is finished with management software. You'll be able to monitor their progress on the job in real-time and give them feedback as they go. Using the app to create a personalized task checklist may help your business save time and money while also enhancing customer service and the productivity of your teams.

3. Coordinated System of Tools for Communication

How often do you contact your staff through phone or text messages? If that's the case, you're seeking a more effective strategy to maintain communication with your teams so you can quickly respond to their concerns and inquiries. The time spent on the phone or through text message might be substantial, and communication difficulties may arise due to language barriers. Not having a record of what has been stated might also lead to you wasting time by repeating yourself or neglecting to get in touch with the team.

Managing your roofing teams is a breeze with help from software like the HR feature by RooferIntel. You may communicate with others on the job site by sending and receiving messages inside the app; these exchanges will be archived in the RooferIntel project file. As long as everyone in your organization has access to the app, they may keep your crews informed at all times by sending them messages or updating them on the status of jobs. With this app's integration into your existing company management software, you can easily add crew communication without increasing your workload.

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4. Snapshots from the Construction Site

Many contractors still believe that visiting the project site is crucial to keeping track of their teams' progress, even with improved communication methods and critical information. Obtaining images of the work done without physically visiting the location may save time and effort.

RooferIntel job files can be updated with images taken by your workers' thanks to this app. RooferIntel stores all work images in one place, making it easy to look back on the whole process. Thanks to the app's real-time updates, you may see newly submitted job images instantly. When you have roofing crew management software, you don't have to waste time traveling to work sites to check their progress.

Not knowing what your workers are doing is common. With HR feature by RooferIntel, you can manage your roofing teams without adding to your workload. These applications may help you obtain work site visibility with time-in/time-out capabilities, personalized checklists, communication tools, and job site images. This new job view may boost productivity, improve customer service, and save expenses.

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