How Can Roofing Companies Overcome Price Objections?
Admin Admin April 4, 2022

The price issue is always the biggest objection to roofing salespeople getting in the way of close sales. However, there are a few ways you can overcome this objection to increase your sale rates. Here are some tips to help you overcome price objections and make it easier for customers to make decisions.

How Can Roofing Companies Overcome Price Objections?

Tip #1: Build your installment options

Roof repairs can be quite expensive. Therefore, extending the payment period for customers instead of paying the full cost in advance is always an effective strategy to convince customers to close their orders early. 

You can build a business credit policy that allows customers to pay in installments within a certain term. These policies can even be compiled into a handout or other leaving document showing the installment plans available for homeowners to review. Creating installment plan options ahead of time can help you maintain customer relationships in the long term. 

If you're concerned that installment payments will result in multiple unpaid or delayed payments, you can set a reminder to contact your customers. Creating and managing these messages in RooferIntel's system is extremely simple.

Tip #2: Sell on credit or provide finance

The provision of installment packages is sometimes still not enough to convince customers to make a purchase decision. Selling on credit and even providing loans to customers for purchases is a financing strategy used by many businesses. Customers can optimize loans and you can overcome sales barriers. 

Therefore, in the credit policy of the business, you can provide loans to reputable customers or sell on credit first and collect money later. Customers can prepay part of the contract value and pay the rest after the project is completed.

Tip #3: Help customers understand that the price they pay is reasonable

High or low price is sometimes a vague feeling of customers. They may not understand the pricing structure of your products and services. One of the effective sale strategies is to analyze the price structure so that homeowners understand what they will pay and receive.

When you meet with a landlord to ask for a sale, you should have your explanations and evidence ready. Go over the estimate with the landlord so they understand what each component of the job entails.

For example, if your salesperson takes pictures of the damage to use inside or to send to the insurance agency, you can also show these photos to the homeowner. A picture can often highlight the need for repair or replacement more effectively than words, especially if the damage is on a part of the roof that is inaccessible to the homeowner. If the landlord is offering a cheaper price from a competitor, be ready to explain the difference in price and the value your property will bring. Landlords are often willing to pay a higher price if they believe the repair is worth it, so demonstrating that value can help you overcome price objections.


With the right tools and strategies, you can help your customers afford their jobs, get them running at checkout, and educate them about the cost of doing the repairs. All these tasks above can be done easily with the RooferIntel system.  

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