How Much Do You Know About Aerial Roof Measuring Reports?
Admin Admin April 20, 2022

Aerial Roof Measurement Report contains a thorough examination of your roof plan as well as all of the essential measurements. But is that all there is to it?

The Aerial Roof Measurement Report saves you time and allows you to make accurate roof estimates for roof repair or replacement projects. This is a professional quality report that may be used by licensed roofing contractors or insurance companies to evaluate their performance.

Ordering an aerial measurement report is a far more expedient and easy method of obtaining roof measurements. It is possible to handle the whole roofing process digitally, saving you time and minimizing measurement mistakes. Instead of standing on a ladder to measure shingles on a roof by hand and entering measurements into an estimate for the client, the entire process may be managed digitally.

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What Is Typically Included In An Aerial Roof Measurement Report?

As a rule, Aerial Roof Measurement Reports are thorough. They include measurements for essential elements such as rake and hip heights, valley widths and eaves, and the location of ridge vents, enabling roofing contractors to put up an exact quote in minutes.

The Aerial Roof Measurement Report may also include the following information:

  • Aerial photographs in high definition, as well as a 3D map showing oblique photos of the roof(s) from the north, south, east, and west
  • The property's latitude and longitude coordinates
  • Color-coded length diagrams are included with total line lengths for ridges, hips, valleys, rakes, eaves, drip edges, flashing, step flashing, and parapet walls.
  • Total area, pitched area, flat area, main pitch, total ridge length, total hip length, total valley length, total rake length, rakes + eaves length, total apron flashing length, total step flashing length, and other statistics are included.
  • Table of waste factors

The Advantage of Aerial Roof Measurement Reports

Because of today's technology, ascending a ladder and manually measuring the roof for potential work is no longer an essential step in your company's process or operation. Switching to an aerial roof measurement system is a simple modification that can save any roofing company significant time and money while improving the quality of their bids and estimates.

An aerial roof measurement report may significantly reduce the costs of getting new work, as has been shown time and time again. As a result, roofers may reduce the cost of metal roofs, therefore stimulating development in this industrial area. Customers' expectations of working with cutting-edge specialists on the significant investment in their house are high when they choose a higher-end roofing product.

Roof consultants, adjusters, and contractors may now acquire a more thorough and accurate evaluation of the building in less time by combining off-site technologies such as aerial roof measuring reports.

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Final Thoughts About Aerial Roof Measurement Report

Any amount of precision in an aerial roof measuring report will be rendered ineffective if contractors cannot quickly get and utilize the information. Contractors can boost their productivity and establish a compelling argument for why insurance carriers and house owners should trust them to correctly estimate damages and swiftly restore a property to its pre-loss state using aerial roof measuring reports.


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