How Roofing Technology Helped Contractors Deal with the Epidemic
Admin Admin August 18, 2022

More than usual difficulties arose this year for the roofing business. The limits put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19 necessitated a shift in strategy on the part of roofing contractors, who had to address the safety concerns of both their clients and their personnel. Despite the challenges brought on by this shift in tactics, many contractors could keep their firms moving ahead.

Contractors would not have been as successful without the aid of roofing software like RooferIntel during COVID-19. Some of how advances in roofing technology have helped roofing companies meet their greatest problems are discussed here.

roofing software like RooferIntel

Importance of Modern Roofing Technology in an Emergency

1. Safeguarding contractors and clients

Roofing contractors have to limit personal contact during the COVID-19 outbreak. Roofing companies require virtual, digital, and touchless interactions to safeguard personnel and consumers.

Roofing technologies help contractors adapt quickly and easily without sacrificing quality work. Electronic signatures allowed contractors to work hands-free. Using roofing software like RooferIntel, contractors may email estimates, contracts, and more to consumers for legally binding e-signature. Many contractors used Zoom to meet consumers online. Aerial measuring equipment like EagleView and SkyMeasure enabled contractors to receive accurate quotes without visiting the project site.

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2. Employing Remote Work

COVID-19 restrictions forced many roofing contractors to work from home, sometimes for the first time. Roofing companies depend on in-person team meetings, tangible work files, and whiteboards to execute daily duties. Roofing contractors had to be creative without this equipment.

Roofing software solutions like RooferIntel enable contractors to take their job home and finish it there. RooferIntel stores job information in digital job files that contractors may access using an internet connection. Before COVID-19, digital job files made it easier for field personnel to make revisions and access client information. During COVID-19, having all job information in one location allowed contractors to work from home while keeping their teams informed.

3. No-knock lead generation

Remote lead generation was difficult for roofers. Many roofing contractors find clients via door-knocking and canvassing. Contractors needed to contact consumers online to build their company.

Roofing firms market to clients via Facebook advertisements, email marketing, or phone calls. Roofing software enabled contractors to target prior clients for digital lead creation. RooferIntel allows contractors to examine their most lucrative roofing projects and arrange them by location, kind, and more. This helps contractors identify lucrative prospects and pursue them. With door-knocking on hold, roofing contractors needed to find the best leads.

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4. Moving Projects Forward

Contractors with current projects during COVID-19 prioritized completing them swiftly to reassure consumers. During the epidemic, contractors were incentivized to give the best service to clients and avoid delays that may increase site visits.

Roofing technology helps eliminate mistakes and delays. This was particularly true with roofing software solutions like RooferIntel, which streamline contractors' labor. RoofingIntel's estimating tools help contractors estimate more correctly. RooferIntel lets contractors obtain EagleView or SkyMeasure aerial reports. The measurement report numbers may be utilized to generate an estimate with a few clicks. RooferIntel stores estimating templates in the program, so it's easy to create an electronic assessment. RooferIntel may send the client a quote. Efficient, optimized operations like estimating using RooferIntel benefitted roofing contractors during COVID-19.

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