How Software Can Give Roofers A Better Work-Life Balance
Admin Admin January 11, 2023

Roofing may be a demanding profession, making it difficult to find a work-life balance. When you spend all day at a client site or traveling for business, it's easy to let office work and reporting take over your nights instead of spending time with your loved ones at home.

Developments in cloud-based technology, such as RooferIntel roofing software, may help contractors re-establish that balance by providing you with access to the information you need and allowing you to save time, which you can then put toward your personal life.

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All Your Communications at One Convenient Location

It's essential to your roofing business's success that you keep in touch with headquarters at all times. It's easy to become sidetracked when you have to respond to emails from the bookkeeper, messages from the foreman, and phone calls from the project manager.

Activity feeds, and production dashboards may compile all the communication and data you need to manage your company into one streamlined area, allowing you to see and know all you need to at a glance.

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Reduce Needed Absences from Work

It's not always easy to check in on other projects, complete paperwork, and respond to emails while you're out in the field all day. Often, doing so requires a journey back to the office at the end of an already long day.

Cloud-based workspaces make it possible for businesses like RooferIntel to provide its users with instant access to all of their company data, including contracts, warranties, and estimates. Having roofers access, revise, and submit documents online saves time and effort.

Is There Something On Your Mind?

Have you ever been so preoccupied with work that you couldn't escape it, even while you were supposed to be relaxing or on vacation? If you're a company owner or manager, you know how difficult it is to concentrate when there's anything on your mind.

RooferIntel allows you to monitor the status of your projects and maintain open lines of contact. Skim the Activity Feed, rapidly evaluate your work statuses, and rest easy without interrupting your day.

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Complete Tasks Accurately the First Time

Roofers are typically required to complete a mountain of paperwork on the job. It's easy to make mistakes when you have to repeatedly gather the same information from many people, such as names, addresses, insurance information, measurements, and images of the damage.

In order to help you save time while producing estimates and contracts, RooferIntel provides innovative templates that may pre-populate project information for you. When all documentation is created inside a task file, nothing gets lost in the shuffle, nothing gets duplicated, and no errors are made since the information is consistent.

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