How to Boost Your Customer Service Using Text Messages in Your Roofing Business
Wade Warren Wade Warren September 13, 2022

Customer service in roofing industry depends on good communication. Keeping clients informed as a project proceeds and responding to their inquiries can boost customer satisfaction. It's crucial to reach out to consumers utilizing their favorite means of communication so they'll notice and react to your business SMS.

More homeowners prefer texting with roofing companies. 69% of all consumers want to text a company, and 54% are irritated when they can't. Text messaging may help enhance customer service. Here are some roofing company messages to keep homeowners informed and boost client satisfaction.

customer service in roofing industry

Professional Texts to Send in Your Roofing Business

1. The Appointment Reminder

Customers anticipate text message appointment reminders as more companies send them. 83% of clients want SMS reminders. Reminder text messages are favored by homeowners and assist keep appointments and preparing consumers. You'll save time and prevent phone tags if a consumer can't make an appointment.

Business appointment reminders needn't be lengthy. Date, time, purpose, and how to confirm or reschedule should be included. If you utilize roofing software that can automate messaging, you may send these SMS one day before every visit, saving you even more time.

2. Warning of Schedule Changes

Is there going to be a lot of rain? Overbooked by mistake? There seems to be a holdup in the arrival of materials. There are a variety of circumstances that may need a schedule adjustment at your roofing company. Keep your consumers informed as soon as possible and try to reschedule a mutually convenient time if this occurs.

According to recent studies, almost all text messages are read. Instead of waiting for clients to check their email or answer the phone, you can get the word out about a change in plans by sending a roofing SMS. Your customers will appreciate you keeping them informed, and you'll be able to reschedule things more promptly.

3. This Is The Work In Progress Picture

Your clients know that progress is being made, but they cannot inspect the roof for themselves. Photos of the work in progress are a terrific method to keep them updated on your progress and to help them grasp the nature of the work you're performing. You probably already take a lot of images for internal purposes, so grabbing some to share with consumers won't take much more effort.

It's easy to get images of your work in front of consumers by sending them by text message along with a brief description of the project's progress. Customers will find it natural since we are all used to getting images instead of words. Since it requires no time or effort, you can easily keep your clients informed without adding extra stress to your already hectic schedule.

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4. The Quick Question

Sometimes you need a quick job-related solution. When you need an immediate answer, and the query is simple, contacting or emailing the customer might slow you down.

Texting customers is the best approach to answering these queries. 78% of customers react to SMS in 10 minutes or less, so you'll receive your response promptly (essential if you've forgotten the gate code or want to lay your ladder against the fence). Text messaging is ideal for quick back-and-forth communication, so you won't waste the customer's time (or yours!)

5. The Follow-Up Message

Checking in with clients at various project phases improves customer service, offers homeowners input, and develops a link for future business. Frequent check-ins and follow-ups will keep consumers informed if you're working on a big assignment with numerous phases. You may also send a follow-up message after a client meeting to keep the dialogue continuing and offer them a chance to address anything they forgot at the moment.

Your roofing firm may use text messages instead of email or phone calls to follow up. Short, straightforward, and intimate. For example, "We recently installed gutters." Sending simple follow-up texts connects you to clients through their preferred means of contact and lets them voice issues and ask questions. Instead of waiting until a project is done to see what a client thinks, you'll get real-time feedback that might help you adapt if a consumer is unhappy.

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