How To Calculate Roofing Costs: Elements To Consider
Admin Admin April 27, 2022

Some elements influence how to calculate roofing costs, and it is not always possible to sum them up using an online roofing calculator.

It is crucial to invest in and maintain a roof since it not only serves to protect your house from the weather but it may also save you money on energy bills and other repairs in the future and increase curb appeal and overall value.

Continue reading to discover more about the five most essential elements that influence how to calculate your roofing costs.

calculate roofing costs

Five Elements To Consider Before Calculating Roofing Costs

1. Dimensions of the Roof

The cost of replacing your roof depends on your home's roof size. If you need to obscure an extensive area, OSB/plywood, underlayment, and shingles are necessary components. Also, there are many different types of residential roofs, including steep slopes, gentle slopes, and combinations of both. As a ratio or a fraction, the slope of a roof may be stated as the number of inches it rises vertically.

Roofing contractors often add 10-15 percent to the total roof square footage to account for the waste factor; however, this figure may vary depending on the roof design or roofing materials used. Material that is overlapped in valleys and hips and trimmed off at flashings, penetrations, and gable ends is included in the waste factor in roofing.

2. Materials for Roofing

Depending on the kind of roofing shingles and materials you pick, a new roof will cost more or less or may even be mandated to have installed based on your location and local building laws or HOA restrictions. For example, traditional three-tab shingles may not cost the same as architectural shingles that also fulfill roof code standards.

Because of the broad scope of variations in materials, performance, warranties, and aesthetics, products in each of these categories may have a wide range of prices. 

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3. Current Roof's Condition and Needs

You may have to pay more if you need to replace your whole roof since it is in such bad shape.

For instance, repairing a hole in your roof may require more workforce and supplies since the underlying wood structure has to be repaired. Your attic and higher levels may have been flooded, resulting in damage that has to be repaired.

Significant structural damage to a roof, on the other hand, is likely to be far more costly.

4. Rates for Roofing Contractors

Roofing contractors often charge a flat rate per square for a roofing job rather than charging per square per hour. This pricing should include the cost of labor and the cost of supplies.

In order to determine whether or not costs are acceptable, you should get and compare quotes from different roofing contractors in your region and speak with neighbors, acquaintances, and family members who may have just had a roof repair done.

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5. Local Building Permits and Inspections and Roof Insurances

Obtaining a construction permit from the appropriate municipal authorities is often required to install roofs in many localities. An estimate should include these costs. The more inspections required throughout the installation process, the longer it will take to complete the roof and the more money it will cost.

You may be able to acquire additional warranties or insurance from roofing manufacturers in addition to the basic warranty that comes with the equipment, which might raise the final project cost.

Final Thoughts On How To Calculate Roofing Costs

Even if you've put aside money to make improvements to your house, you may be concerned about whether you'll be able to purchase or repair a roof. The only way to know how much your roofing job will cost is to speak with a professional roofing contractor.


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