How To Determine Your Home’s Roof Pitch
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There are a lot of roofs, but the most common is a "pitched roof," which has two or more sides that meet at the top. But how do determine the pitch of the roof?

determine pitch of roof

How to Determine the Pitch of Roof

It is doubtful that you will know how to determine the pitch of your roof unless you work in the construction industry or have previous experience working on roofs. This knowledge is constructive for various home improvement jobs, but it is unquestionably essential for any upcoming do-it-yourself endeavors that include your roof. This has to be considered whether you are installing a brand new roof window or totally changing the roof covering. To carry out these tasks successfully, you will need to understand how steep the pitch of your roof is.

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How to Determine the Angle of the Roof in Degrees

There are several different approaches to taking measurements or calculating the pitch of your roof. A measuring tape, a spirit level, and a calculator are all you'll need to have on hand for this task. With these resources in hand, all you need is access to your attic space and the ability to call upon some of the mathematical knowledge you gained in school.

1. You need to begin by measuring the length of your roof's run. This is he horizontal distance that may be measured from the highest point of your roof to the nearest wall. You only need a tape measure or a spirit level to do this.

2. The next thing that you need to do is calculate the increase. This is the height of your structure's apex about the wall of the structure.

3. Now divide it by the run. You will get the tangent of the roof if you do this. (rise ÷ run = tangent)

4. After that, divide 1 by the value of your tangent.

5. After that, you need to multiply this number by 180 degrees, and you'll have your roof pitch.

KEEP IN MIND: The Roof Pitch Is Calculated By: (1 / Tangent (Rise / Run))*180 / π

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How to Determine the Slope of a Roof Using a Ratio

When calculating the pitch of a roof, the typical approach involves displaying the value as a ratio of X:12. This may be determined by measuring the number of inches a roof extends horizontally and comparing it to the number of inches it rises vertically. To do this, you will need the same equipment as in the previous step and access to the roof area of your home.

1. To begin, lean one end of your spirit level on the surface of your roof deck. After that, use your measuring tape to locate and mark the spot that is 12 inches along with your level.

2. Now, lean your tape measure vertically against your run line, and measure the distance between the top of your spirit level at the mark and the roof deck. This will tell you how far the roof deck is from the run line. This is your moment to shine.

3. At this point, you should be able to determine your X: 12 ratios based on the rise: run.

4. It is possible to convert this ratio to an angle if that is what you would want to do.

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