How to Use Software to Make Your Roofing Company Team More Accountable
Admin Admin August 3, 2022

Accountability is what keeps a roofing business from falling apart. It's essential to keep your jobs moving forward, follow up on leads promptly, and reach your business goals. With the right tools and systems to improve accountability, your teams can communicate better, take responsibility for their work, and meet customer needs.

Roofing software like RooferIntel keeps all your job information in one place so that it can be used as a single source of truth for your roofing business. Our tools make it easier to give out tasks, find how work is going, measure how well a team is doing, and keep track of schedules. Here are some ways to use RooferIntel to make your roofing company's team more responsible.

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RooferIntel's Team Culture Accountability Features

1. Send your communications using the RooferIntel platform.

You must have excellent communication with your clients and your team members for the success of your roofing company. It is challenging to keep track of who has been contacted, see what has been said, and review previous messages when everyone on your team is chatting using their own accounts and devices. This makes it tough to examine old conversations. This raises hurdles to accountability and has the potential to lead to misunderstanding as well as mistakes.

2. Automate the implementation of crucial planned activities.

There is a lot of work to be done, particularly in the spring and summer, and it may be challenging to keep track of everything. Staying on top of to-do lists and keeping track of them can help all your teams perform more effectively and guarantee that nothing slips through the gaps. You'll be able to put your faith in your team members to get their work done if you have a structure to remind them of their responsibilities.

You may set up automatic actions based on work events, milestone modifications, or order-related events in RooferIntel, which can be triggered at any time. Automated tasks allow you to assign work to specific people, set due dates, prioritize them, and more. Creating automated tasks for critical action items can help you avoid task failures regardless of how busy your teams are.

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3. Use the data given to evaluate the team's performance.

How are the members of your team doing thus far? It is challenging to acquire a clear sense of which team members are good performers without the appropriate data, and it is much more challenging to determine which members are suffering. You may assist inspire all team members to perform to the best of their ability by closely examining the outcomes of the team's efforts.

RooferIntel provides comprehensive reporting options that may assist you in gaining a better understanding of the performance of your roofing firm. You may quickly modify our reports so that they represent the data that is most important to you.

4. Use a calendar hosted in the cloud to keep track of everyone's schedules.

When working in the roofing sector, it may be challenging to maintain track of your own appointment calendar, much alone the schedules of the other team members, since work schedules are subject to last-minute changes. It is crucial to keep an eye on deliveries and labor orders to prevent schedule overlaps, provide your team members with the resources they need to perform at their highest level and improve transparency.

RooferIntel makes the process of arranging schedules much more straightforward. This calendar that is hosted in the cloud provides you with an unobstructed view of everything planned for every team member.

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