Introducing RooferIntel's Roofing Cam Management
Admin Admin May 23, 2022

Taking photos is an essential aspect of your job as a roofer, by using roofing cam management in developing your projects in communicating with clients. 

Here at RooferIntel, we've made some exciting enhancements to our roofing cam management features to make it easier for you to save, share, and manage your roofing images. Keeping track of work progress, fixing mistakes, and sharing photos with individuals outside your organization is easy with these capabilities.

Here's a glimpse at what's new inside RooferIntel's roofing cam management.

Roofing cam management

RooferIntel's Cam Management Tools and Features

1. Roofing Cam Management Photo Albums

Our Roofing Cam Management tool provides you more control over managing your work images, assists you in tracking task progress, and enables you to visually convey job changes to your team members. With Photo Albums, you'll be able to locate work images whenever you need them and keep them organized without having to go through the effort of filing them.

With the following features, you can quickly organize and manage their contents: adding images to your project photo albums, reordering photographs inside a project photo album, and an option to include the project name, property name, and the project location.

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2. Roofing Cam Management Photo Tools

The Roofing Cam Management tab features will make picture management even more convenient and efficient when working inside individual project files. The following are some of the new features available in the Cam Management tab:

  • Look at the picture details so that you can confirm the tags, and look at the image descriptions so that you can tell the difference between comparable photos.
  • If you want to view all of the photographs that have been uploaded within a specific period, you may filter them by date.
  • The group select checkbox allows you to choose all of the photographs in a group at once.
  • If you accidentally submitted images to work, you may move or copy them to a different album.

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3. Roofing Cam Management Photo Sharing Feature

You need a straightforward and professional method to exchange images with a client or provide evidence to an insurance company. Fortunately, there are now simple methods for sending employment photographs to everyone who needs them.

The Roofing Cam Management allows you to easily share project photo albums with homeowners, team members, and other stakeholders. With these links, you can easily share several images with your contacts through email or in-app messages while also providing real-time updates when new photos are posted to the album.

As soon as an album has been shared, you can regulate who has access to your images. You may also expire the link if it becomes inactive. With the aid of this feature, you may graphically transmit employment specifics to your contacts without emailing individual images one at a time.

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Roofing Cam Management Has Never Been Easier With Our Software

Our roofing cam management option will assist you with streamlining picture management, improving communication, and staying up to date on all of your projects. Visit the RooferIntel website and begin using our services for your company.


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