Investing in a Roof Measurement Report and its Benefits
Admin Admin December 28, 2022

Taking precise measurements of a roof in preparation for a repair or replacement is a time-consuming but crucial part of any roofing contractor's work. Learning a roof's square footage is just the beginning. To provide an estimate for a client, sales representatives or inspectors typically must offer in-depth data on the roof's pitched and flat portions, ridge, hip, and valley lengths, and other structures, such as chimneys.

It requires patience and the ability to draw an exemplary diagram and execute a precise takeoff. It makes a massive difference in your estimates, orders, and bottom line if you hire the proper individuals or if you take the time to teach novices to execute these responsibilities.

As a result of technological advancements, roofers now have various tools at their disposal, such as drones and roofing measuring software, with which to conduct alternative roofing measurements. When a smaller company already pays trained sales representatives to execute the work, the added expense of these monthly measures may not seem worthwhile. Before dismissing the fee as too much or unneeded, think about the many advantages provided by measuring firms.

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1. Boost Productivity and Predict the Restart Time

When a hurricane hits your area, you must send your top estimators to assess the damage and provide quotes. It may only take a sales representative 15–20 minutes to measure a relatively basic roof, but presenting an estimate to a prospective client with erroneous figures, hastily made notes, or otherwise, unprofessional paperwork is always a danger.

The time it takes to order a report may be up to 24 hours (though it's usually much less), but the time you save traveling from property to property and preparing the report's presentation will more than makeup for it. When a study is complete, the company may provide a proposal that is simple to read and understand for both clients and office workers.

The sales representative may also pre-order the report before meeting with the homeowner, giving him all the information to make an educated pitch.

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2. More Reliable Statistics

Obtaining a report with precise roof measures eliminates measurement ambiguity. You may now enter a meeting or house visit with exact measurements in hand, eliminating the need to eyeball the area and risk making an error in your calculations or estimates. These figures can then be used to place material orders and plan the workload for your staff.

The credibility of an estimator's work is never called into doubt when it comes from a reliable and impartial third party. When you offer credible records to an insurer or a client, they will realize that you are not attempting to exaggerate the project's scope or cheat them out of money.

Time is also saved by including the report in formal paperwork that may be kept and referred to if the client requires more work.

3. Improved precision in ordering materials and allocating workers to tasks

Material waste may be drastically reduced if precise estimates are used from the outset. When this is applied to material drop timings, personnel scheduling, and downtime, it results in a saving that "trickles down."

4. A secure environment

If your estimator or salesperson doesn't have to risk their lives by climbing onto a roof to take measurements and images, you can be confident that they will be safer doing their jobs.

When we know the dimensions and the angle and have pictures, we can better prepare for the task by bringing the necessary safety equipment.

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5. Integrating CRM

You can automate the connection between your company's management software and specific reporting programs. Your sales representatives and office employees may save time on proposal creation, payment processing, and account management by using reports that automatically fill in estimate fields and store documents with appropriate Job Files.

You may rely on the consistency these reports provide to ensure that no documentation is misplaced in transit or forgotten at the workplace.

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