Is Using A Drone Roof Inspection Software A Wise Idea?
Admin Admin June 15, 2022

While it may seem like a stretch to use a drone to conduct a task that has been done for years, here are some reasons to use a drone roof inspection software:

drone roof inspection software

1. It is more secure

Because a drone doesn't need to put human lives in danger, it is the most important reason to utilize one. According to research, most roof inspection-related injuries and fatalities are the result of falls (no surprise there). Roof inspections may almost eliminate the danger to human life by utilizing drones instead.

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2. Improved efficacy

If you were an insurance adjuster, you might not have the time to visit 10 houses in a single day and personally evaluate each roof. Additionally, you'll have to spend a lot of time and effort climbing a high-altitude, damaged roof to get accurate measurements and take several images.

Using a drone roof inspection software, roof inspection companies claim that they can complete work three times quicker than they could be using conventional techniques. Because of this, they can provide more premium services, such as faster turn-around times and more comprehensive inspection reports on the roofs they evaluate.

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3. Can explore previously inaccessible locations

Taking measurements while on a roof has the additional drawback of creating an environment where people cannot enter. Whether it's an overhanging feature or an extremely tiny depression, drone roof inspection software may better assess these complex regions. These places may have gone unnoticed for years if you've had your roof examined traditionally.

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4. Requirement for fewer resources, such as equipment and personnel

A van will be packed with ladders, ropes, harnesses, and measuring tape for a thorough check by a professional roof inspection team. A drone-based roof inspector will arrive on the scene with just the drone — no other equipment. Using drone roof inspection software to assess a roof is more efficient. As a result, it's more efficient and less expensive. Even a little drone that can fit in a backpack may do a professional roof assessment.

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5. Can build 3D models

One of the benefits of using a drone roof inspection software is the complexity of contemporary drone technology. Aerial shots taken with camera drones may be used to generate a 3D model of your roof and take high-definition photos. A technique known as photogrammetry creates a 3D model from several pictures of the same item.

Because a 3D model of a roof may be created, you can return the location at any moment. The 3D model may also calculate length, area, and volume. To ensure that you don't miss anything throughout the inspection process, you can quickly examine the 3D model at any moment.

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6. Process automation and data storage in the cloud

Automated smartphone applications allow drone-based aerial surveys to be carried out in the most efficient manner possible. So there is no space for a mistake, and the drone gets images from every angle it needs. It's also possible to have all of the photos synchronized to a cloud server so that the 3D models may be created rapidly or they can be downloaded to a distant computer. A fantastic approach to speed up the post-processing process is to use this.

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