Methods for Improving Roofing Software to Minimize Human Error
Admin Admin September 22, 2022

Roofing has the potential to expand and develop with the rest of the globe as a result of technological advances. Despite ongoing advances in construction and roofing industry technologies, roofers' own physical and cognitive talents remain crucial to the success of the roofing sector as a whole. Because of this, a typical human mistake will always be a source of frustration for staff and customers.

It's true that "everyone makes errors," which only promotes the perception that human error is inevitable; nevertheless, useful tools supplied by technology, like customer relationship management software platforms, may aid in reducing human error in roofing companies.

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Problems with Owners and Crews Not Talking:

Have you ever handed over a job with a well-thought-out strategy just to have the other person botch it? Maybe after you've finished scolding the team or the Project Manager, they'll say, "But I thought that's what you told me!"

Misunderstandings like these are quite common, which means that either you were not entirely clear in your instructions, or the recipient interpreted them differently. Loss of context in translated business documents or procedures may devastate a company's bottom line.

Initiate Procedures to Boost the Performance of Your Teams:

Implementing a program or set of standard protocols that guarantee flawless communication between all owners on a project may help reduce misconceptions inside a company. Less space for interpretation or shortcuts will exist if you instruct your delegates and crews on exactly how you want things done on the project site to preserve your standards of excellence.

Of course, things may not go according to plan; this is particularly true while working on a roof and having to contend with weather, homeowners, insurance agencies, etc. Roofing teams may keep track of their notes, tasks, direct messages, and document updates in one central spot using a customer relationship management (CRM) system or other roofing software platforms.

Inadequate Standardization:

It's easy for roofers to lose focus during peak production periods when bonuses are at stake. Maybe they were filling out paperwork in the truck when the office called, or they forgot to ask the homeowner which insurance company they used. Both of these are examples of minor errors that may lead to lost time.

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Don't Turn in Unorganized Paperwork:

Have your staff fill out templates with pre-populated fields for on-time documentation and uninterrupted work. Your sales staff will be more accurate and productive if they can use digital templates for estimates and contracts. There might be mandatory fields, from customer dimensions and insurance details to contact information. Additional alerts, such as when a job's documentation is signed off, may be enabled in RooferIntel.

Lost, Missing, or Uncomprehensible Documentation:

Most roofers know that your sales team's members keep their paperwork in a variety of unsystematic places, such as a box in the front seat of their truck, a notepad, or scribbles on the back of a napkin, none of which is helpful to the staff back at the office. If a paper document is misplaced or destroyed, it is gone for good. The same goes for waiting for files and then trying to understand handwriting, which are excellent ways to miscommunicate and make errors.

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Quit Making Excuses:

By providing your sales staff with digital templates and files, you can ensure that their completed estimates and contracts are immediately available to your administrative staff upon completion. And they do understand them!

Sharing files using a customer relationship management system may help teams save time and energy by eliminating the back-and-forth that might arise when making changes to previously created papers. Roofing shingles come in various colors, but if you're placing an order and can't remember whether brown or black were specified, you can always look it up. Changes made to any existing information, such as the inclusion of insurance information, sync to all platforms without the need for duplicate input. This ensures that everyone in the office and out in the field can access the most recent data.

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