Off-Season Lead Generation Strategies for the Roofing Industry
Admin Admin November 25, 2022

Roofing firms often see a slowdown in commercial activity throughout the late autumn and winter months. Every single lead that your roofing firm produces takes on a new level of significance now that there is less work coming in. Nevertheless, maintaining an entire pipeline of leads over the offseason may be a difficult task. How can you boost the number of leads your firm generates, and how efficiently can you follow up with those leads so that your company has a productive and lucrative off-season? The following are a few tactics that might help you generate better leads for roofing work this winter.

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4 Off-Season Strategies to Boost Your Roofing Sales Leads

1. Make Your Online Presence More Notable

In the modern business world, having a robust online presence is absolutely necessary in order to bring in new customers. Because the vast majority of homeowners conduct research online before contacting a contractor or settling on a course of action regarding a repair, your company's website, social media profiles, and Google My Business listing will provide prospective clients with their initial impressions of your company. During the offseason, if you devote some of your time to improving your web presence and ensuring that the information you provide is accurate, you will be able to produce more qualified leads.

Because it is easy to forget about maintaining your online presence when your company receives a lot of new work, the offseason is the ideal time to make enhancements to your website and other digital properties. There are a few straightforward actions that, when taken together, can have a significant impact on how customers who conduct research online perceive your company:

  • Check to ensure that all your contact information is current across the board.
  • To increase the likelihood of people coming across your company through a search engine, include the phrase "roofing contractor" in the text that appears in the title of your website, as well as the text that describes images and appears on the homepage.
  • You should update your social media accounts with fresh pictures and testimonials from customers.
  • React to feedback provided on review platforms such as Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and others.
  • Every lead is essential to your business during the offseason, and boosting your web presence can help you attract more leads to your company.

2. Conduct a campaign to obtain repeat or referred business

Your previous clients are a rich source of potential new customers, whether they do so by recommending your company to members of their own social circles or by returning to have further work done by you. You can make the most of these connections during the offseason to increase the number of leads you generate.

It is possible to persuade previous clients to employ your company again by getting in touch with them to inquire about how the job you completed for them is going and by providing answers to any issues they may have. However, if you want to get higher-quality roofing leads, consider implementing a campaign to encourage recommendations and repeat business. You may, for instance, get in touch with previous clients and give them a special deal or a discount on any extra repairs or new work that they may need. You might also provide a reward, such as a gift card, to every previous client who brings you a new client by recommending them to your business.

It is easy to get in touch with previous clients and give them discounts or other benefits if you run your roofing company using business management software such as RooferIntel. Because your last work histories are saved in the cloud-based system, you will always have quick and easy access to information on previous clients and the services you provided for them. When you send an email to these earlier customers with RooferIntel, all emails are recorded to the task file corresponding to the email. This makes it simple to keep track of who has reacted to the campaign.

3. You Should Not Ignore Your Other Professions

Because roofing repairs and replacements generate the most revenue for your company, you probably put the majority of your attention on these kinds of projects when business is very brisk. Nevertheless, when business is sluggish, other trades, such as siding installation, gutter installation, or painting, may become significant income generators for your company. During the slower months of the year, such as the offseason, it might be helpful to produce more leads by focusing on possible clients that need work done in certain areas.

If you provide more than one trade and are unsure which one to focus on in a marketing or canvassing effort, look at statistics from the previous year. You may compile a report of the trades in which you have had the most lucrative tasks by making use of RooferIntel's reporting tools. When it comes to pursuing or following up with leads, using the data in this report will allow you to choose which deals should take precedence over others. When sluggish business, filling your lead pipeline may be challenging. However, if you highlight these transactions and use them to create leads, you may assist yourself fill your lead pipeline.

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4. Maintain Prompt Contact

When there is a decrease in the rate at which leads are being generated, it is more important than ever to ensure that you follow up with each lead in a timely and professional way. Your roofing company will benefit from prompt lead follow-up. It will allow you to increase the number of sales you complete, improve the quality of service you deliver to customers, and eliminate leads that are not a suitable match for your company.

RooferIntel provides roofing contractors with the tools necessary to streamline the process of following up with leads, ensuring that no leads are lost in the shuffle. With the aid of our Automation Manager, you are able to program follow-up emails to be automatically sent whenever a new lead is added to the system. This makes it easier for you to get in touch with leads in a timely manner without requiring you to take on additional responsibilities. You can also set up automatic tasks that will remind members of your sales team that they need to contact or meet with a particular prospect. RooferIntel also assists you in maintaining a structured system for your leads. When you use our digital job files, all of the information regarding a lead is stored in a single location and is very simple to access. This allows you to easily track which leads have been followed up with and ensures that every team member has access to the information they require regarding your leads.

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During The Off-season, You Should Focus On Generating More Leads For Your Roofing Business

If you expect autumn and winter to be slower seasons for your roofing company, the leads you produce will be vital. You can improve the quality of your roofing lead generation and ensure that your company has an entire pipeline of potential customers by optimizing your digital presence, asking for referrals or repeat business with a special offer, promoting your other trades, and following up with leads on time. All of these things can be done to promote your other businesses.

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