Opportunities for Recruiting a Young Workforce in the Roofing Industry
Admin Admin August 24, 2022

It's no secret that there has been a steady decline in the availability of qualified candidates from whom to choose when staffing a roofing or exterior construction firm.

Millennials, born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, are stereotyped as being tech-savvy, salary-driven, and constantly looking for new opportunities. Most don't buy houses or start kids until they're well into their 30s, which means they can devote their 20s to getting where they want to go professionally.

Roofing companies that want to develop and keep up with demand should look outside the traditional pool of experienced workers for new hires.

Attitude is a challenge for many firms looking to fill positions with millennial workers. This is true for both upper management and the applicants themselves. While there are always bad apples in any group, most employers will find that millennials are not only workaholics who are eager to learn and advance in their careers but also that they bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to the table that can be invaluable to the expansion of small businesses if given a chance.

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1. Attract Candidates with Your Brand

Put money into your technology:

When looking for work, most of today's labor uses the internet. Every qualified applicant will check out your website after seeing an ad for a position there. If your organization has a poorly maintained or outdated website, younger, more tech-savvy prospects could immediately discard you.

Having no or very little presence on social media may also be off-putting. While you may perceive social media as a waste of time that has little to no influence on your bottom line, they see it as an indicator that you are not current and don't manage your brand the way they would believe to be second nature.

Showing millennials that your firm is innovative and committed to remaining current in the market using customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, applications, or other tools can impress them.

Another online issue you need to consider when acquiring a younger workforce is your reputation. Do you have favorable reviews on service-related review sites? Millennials love a business with a solid reputation. Suppose they realize via reviews and comments that you're not a trustworthy, friendly place to start. In that case, they will be considerably less motivated to consider working for you than a rival.

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2. Attract top talent by highlighting the company's values and the opportunities for advancement

Prospects for Professional Advancement:

Millennials prefer to prioritize professions that need a formal degree. Seasonal and trade labor doesn't always appeal when compared to a 9-5; therefore, it's crucial to stress the positives of working in the Roofing business.

Although it is crucial to outline expectations for a position when bringing on new recruits, a clear career path keeps millennials in a company.

To maintain a progressive culture, remember to:

Millennials are known for their quick intelligence and reliance on technological fixes. Business owners may encourage millennials' creative potential by promoting an environment that values education, dialogue, and problem-solving. Involving them in solving problems or soliciting their input might also make them feel more like a team player and less like a robot.

3. Keeping Millennial Job-Seekers

Provide Accredited Courses or Certification:

They want to be challenged in a way that will help them and your company advance, which goes against the stereotype that millennials are lazy. You may demonstrate to millennial employees that you care about their future and that they have a natural effect on your firm's success by encouraging and even helping them earn further certifications, join trade mentoring programs, or receive more training.

Let Them Help You:

Millennials, the youngest generation, have an innate aptitude for learning new things and excelling in technology-related tasks. You'll be impressed by how fast people pick up a customer relationship management system (CRM) or other business management software your firm implements and how willing they are to help others in your organization make the switch.

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Give Them Constant, Useful Critiques on Their Work:

Millennials don't need you to hold their hand, but offering frequent feedback and mentorship may go a long way towards helping them improve their performance, teach them the proper method to complete jobs, and make them feel like they are working towards their professional objectives. They don't want a pat on the back; they need detailed, specific feedback on how they're doing, where they might improve, and where they've already succeeded.

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