Preparing Your Roofing Company for a Thriving Year
Admin Admin November 18, 2022

If you haven't already started preparing strategically for the next year, now is the time to do so as the current year comes to a close. It is crucial to have a strategy in place that will help you take steps toward better progress in order to position yourself for a successful and lucrative year. This will allow you to set yourself up to maximize your potential for success.

What are some things that you can do to assist your roofing company in establishing a solid, actionable strategy that will prepare you to get off the ground running in January? Following these four stages will help you develop the most influential business plan possible for your roofing company.

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Methods For Creating An In-depth Roofing Business Plan

1. Conduct an Analysis of This Year's Performance

Before you can begin to prepare for the following year, it is necessary to reflect on all that has transpired in the current one. It is essential to have a solid understanding of what went well, the areas in which there is scope for development, and the facets of the situation that give the potential for expansion. This requires going beyond a straightforward analysis of earnings and losses for the year and instead doing in-depth research into the data that represents your key performance metrics (KPIs).

Roofing contractor business management software offers access to a wide variety of data that may assist you in comprehending how well your company performed over the previous year. Our reporting dashboard in RooferIntel allows you to take a more in-depth look at outcomes such as:

  • Where some of your most profitable opportunities were found?
  • Who of the salesperson makes the most sales?
  • The amount of time required for a task to be processed via the pipeline.
  • What proportion of the leads you get end up becoming customers?

With all this information, you can formulate more informed judgments on people, tactics, and marketing for the following year. You'll be able to identify what went well and make changes to improve upon what didn't. And if you use the option in RooferIntel, you can even have reports delivered to you automatically on a weekly or monthly basis. This will make it much simpler for you to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) throughout the year and determine whether or not your company strategy is successful.

2. Establish Goals That Are Both Actionable And Specific

Every roofing company should have objectives for the next few months, the coming year, and farther down the road. However, to make those objectives a reality, they need to be more specific than general ambitions for more revenue or development. Consider the following acronym when you set new, more realistic objectives for yourself: SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely)

Specific. Making more money is not a precise aim; nevertheless, "growing our income by 20% over the previous year" is a goal that can be measured and evaluated. The more specific your objectives are, the higher the probability that you will be able to achieve them.

Measurable. When you review your annual statistics in November of next year, will there be proof that you have been progressing toward your objective? Which precise measures will assist you in determining whether or not you have achieved your goal? If you have a goal that can be measured, the answers to these questions will let you know.

Achievable. Consider what you can achieve in a year, given the skills and resources available, and what is reasonably possible in that time frame. It's OK to have ambitious ideas, but setting goals so far out of reach that they'll never be achieved may sap your drive.

Relevant. Can you achieve both the long-term and annual objectives you've set for your company? It is essential to ensure that the yearly goals you set get you one step closer to the long-term strategies you have developed.

Time-based. If you split your annual objectives down into quarterly and monthly targets, you could discover that it is much simpler for you to achieve them. This will also assist you in tracking your progress and ensuring that you are steadily going in the direction of achieving your objectives.

You will find it much simpler to attain more improvement in the next year if you begin your ye by establishing objectives for yourself that adhere to the SMART structure.

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3. Check to See That You Have the Appropriate Technology

You are going to want the appropriate technologies to assist you in reaching your objectives for the next year and putting your roofing company strategy into action in order to be successful. It is crucial to assess any technology that you are already using to ensure that it has the capabilities that you need. It is also necessary to study different technologies that may give you with resources to build your organization.

Business management software such as RooferIntel makes it easier for you to manage every facet of your company, freeing you more of your time to concentrate on expanding it and attaining your objectives. Because RooferIntel was explicitly developed to satisfy the requirements of roofing contractors, it is brimming with features that may make all of your procedures more efficient. You will find features that simplify routine tasks and save you time, such as cloud-based job files that allow you to access important information from anywhere, integrations that help speed up the estimating process, and communication tools that keep everyone on the same page. These features can be found throughout the software. Your company's success in achieving the objectives outlined in its business plan may be significantly improved by incorporating a technological platform, such as RooferIntel, into its toolkit.

4. Equip Your Teams

It is essential that you get all of your teams on board with your plans for the following year's objectives and that you equip them with the necessary tools and training to assist in achieving those goals. When every employee in your roofing company is working towards the same goals, you will notice increased success for your company.

Use the remaining time in the year to talk with your staff members about the goals you have set for the following year. Ask them what resources or training they may need to make it happen, and draw a connection between the more significant corporate objectives and the minor goals they are seeking to accomplish (such as keeping the office organized or meeting their sales quotas). Motivate your team members to put in a solid effort each and every day by painting a picture of how successful your roofing business can be in the next year. You should make it possible for your staff members to further their knowledge and improve their abilities by enrolling them in a training course or sending them to a webinar. And suppose you're going to implement a brand-new piece of technology, like a new piece of company management software. In that case, you should make sure that all of your staff have received enough training on that technology and are confidently prepared to utilize it. Your objectives will be brought closer to fruition if you make it possible for your teams to carry out their job in the most efficient manner possible.

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The Most Successful Business Plan You've Had for Roofing Yet

Investing some time now in developing an efficient business strategy for your roofing company may provide significant returns over the course of the following year. Building a solid business plan can be accomplished by analyzing the achievements and difficulties of the past year, establishing attainable goals, providing your company with the appropriate technology, and getting your teams on board with your plan.

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