Pros And Cons Of Utilizing Solar Shingles For Your Home
Admin Admin May 2, 2022

Why nestle solar panels on your roof when you can make roof shingles solar panels? But first, know the pros and cons of solar shingles in your home.

Solar shingles are solar cells designed to appear like conventional asphalt shingles on your roof and are installed on your roof. Traditional solar panels are put above your current roof and need the use of racking equipment, while solar tiles are installed directly on your roof and do not require racking.

Otherwise, they fulfill the same job, capturing the sun's energy and converting it into electricity to power your house. Both systems are powered by inverters and are capable of being linked to the grid. They raise the value of your home, qualify for the same tax breaks, and may be utilized in conjunction with net metering.

Solar shingles have been more popular in recent years as the technology has matured and new and superior designs have entered the marketplace. Solar shingles have many pros and cons that you should be aware of if you're thinking about installing them on your mountain home or business property.

pros and cons of solar shingles

The Pros of Solar Shingles

  • Solar shingles are a prominent option if your only focus is the aesthetics of your house, and the expense is not a consideration for your decision. Solar panels are noticeable because they are large, bulky, and difficult to overlook on a roof. On the other hand, solar shingles are sleek and flush with your roof tiles, allowing them to fit in.
  • They do away with the requirement for a considerable installation space, which is required by typical solar panel installations.
  • The process of installation is straightforward and hassle-free.
  • Leverage renewable energy to lower your family's carbon impact by using a clean and natural source of energy.
  • Several solar shingles brands promise a 40-year lifetime, but solar panels only have a 25-year lifespan on average.
  • They may be used in conjunction with regular shingles to cover huge or complicated roof structures.
  • Because they are a newer technology, they are competitive with classic panels in terms of power production, generating around 13-17 watts.
  • They are capable of withstanding severe winds, heavy snow, and hail if they are constructed appropriately.

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The Cons of Solar Shingles

  • Because they are incapable of storing energy, they will not be able to supply electricity at night or during storms.
  • The slope of your roof must be at the proper angle to the sun for solar shingles to be efficient, while the angles of solar panels may easily be altered. Solar shingles may not be a smart choice for you if you have a very steep roof or if your roof isn't fronting the suitable direction for solar energy.
  • Solar shingles must be installed on a large enough surface area to collect enough light to generate enough electricity.
  • Solar shingles are about 10 times more expensive than traditional roofing materials. In contrast, solar panels made of solar cells are approximately three times more expensive than a standard home solar energy system with the same manufacturing capacity.

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