Roofing Contractors: How to Communicate to Get More Referrals
Admin Admin September 20, 2022

In the roofing industry, providing excellent customer service is crucial. Your company's total profitability is directly tied to customer recommendations, online reviews, and roofing online referrals, all of which are influenced by the quality of the work you provide and the level of communication between your sales representatives and on-site personnel.

A roofer or contractor's communication method with homeowners may greatly affect the number of recommendations they get. You may reap long-term advantages for your company if you apply best practices in service communication to your contacts with homeowners for your roofing online referrals.

roofing online referrals

1. Be Ready to Explain the Procedure to Homeowners Ahead of Time

Ensuring your sales representatives or adjusters show up to a project site prepared to do their jobs is the first step in building trust with a prospective client. Although it may seem obvious, a sales rep who visits a client's house should be punctual, identify themselves by name, and have read any relevant notes in the client's file before the appointment.

Remember that a prospective client is likely anxious and unclear about what to do if their roof has been damaged in a storm or suddenly develops a leak. Your company's representative must be kind and patient with customers. While your staff may be well-versed in the newest roofing materials and jargon, your customer may be completely unfamiliar with terms like "hip ridge" and "turtle vents."

Be prepared to educate the homeowner on the process, as there may be instances when it is vital to clarify the steps involved. Homeowners who aren't well-informed on the progress of the project and the choices they're being asked to make are unlikely to be satisfied with the result.

2. Immediately Submit All Necessary Paperwork

Your sales representatives can prepare a professional, accurate estimate in minutes rather than hours or days, thanks to a pre-filled digital template with relevant information and real-time access to material prices. The homeowner will have all the information they need to choose if additional information is provided, such as aerial measurements before an inspection or images taken on-site with annotations.

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3. Retain the Homeowner in the Loop

The first round of customer communication should detail the roofing project's execution specifics. After the homeowner has signed the contract, it is crucial to keep them up to speed on the project's progress as part of your continuous contact. Trust built with a client throughout a project is more likely to be repaid years later when that client is kept abreast of progress, setbacks, and other developments.

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4. Treat Property Owners with Dignity

To provide better customer service, you should also instruct your foremen to lead their teams politely. Your customer is no different from any other in wanting to be treated with dignity and courtesy. In the corporate sector, failure to do so might have catastrophic effects. While it may go without saying, it's essential to set the tone for the level of professionalism and respect you demand from your staff from the get-go. That way, no misunderstandings or careless mistakes will occur. Doing so will guarantee that your client is always happy with the service they get from you.

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