Roofing CRM: The Essential Tool for Any Roofing Business
Admin Admin September 29, 2022

CRMs are often only explored for their potential benefits to business owners and sales teams when a small company is ready to switch from paper and Excel files to a software platform.

A customer relationship management system may make a huge difference when running a small company. Through in-depth reporting, it helps your business achieve new heights of sales efficiency. RooferIntel is a great resource for management and sales teams, but it may be even more crucial for the most vital individuals in your company: the office administrators.

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The unsung heroes of your company are the office admins and managers; these individuals are the organizational experts who can handle anything from managing teams to handling finances to even reading that one rep's horrible handwriting. Investing in the convenience and productivity of your most valuable employees by providing them with the resources they need to do their jobs successfully is a win-win for everyone involved.

Organization at its Best

When a CRM works the way you want it to, it becomes the central place for all job-related information in a business. This gives your office staff an immediate, easy-to-use organization that anyone on any team can access anytime.

This means that estimates, invoices, material orders, warranties, labor schedules, notes, and photos for every Job your sales team moves through the pipeline are all in the same place for the office staff. They no longer have to take calls from salespeople out in the field who want a specific piece of information or document. Staff in the office can use RooferIntel to make changes to a Job File and notify specific teams without having to stop what they're doing. Also, RooferIntel knows that not every business is the same, so your teams can customize almost everything so that your office staff doesn't have to try to fit round pegs into square holes when it comes to how you already do business.

Integration of Accounting

Data entry is a necessary evil of running a business, so why do it twice? By connecting the accounting functions of QuickBooks to your organization hub in RooferIntel, your bookkeepers can keep working in their program, and your Office Managers, Sales, and other staff only need to look in one place to see all the financial information about a Job.

Through the integration with RooferIntel, Office Managers can set permissions and commissions so that Sales Teams only see the numbers they need to see. However, owners and executives can always see where their money is on any job or for the company.

Making Plans is Easier

Multiple crews working for you for a season can be hard to keep track of their time based on each project. Office admins probably already have several color-coded calendars to help them keep track, but being able to schedule and notify crews directly from the RooferIntel CRM gets rid of one more program they don't need on their desktop.

Estimates, Orders, Invoices & Material Orders All In One Click

For Office Admins, customizing templates with all the information you need and can be accessed through RooferIntel saves time and headaches when someone can't find the correct document or overwrites a file by accident.

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By customizing RooferIntel, office staff can decide what information they need for each estimate and set up editable fields for the sales staff to fill out from the site. This ensures that estimates are returned to the Job File with all the information needed to send to a homeowner's insurance company, along with additional warranties, material orders, and labor schedules. Verified e-Signatures are included in these packets so office workers know when a signature is added and returned. This saves them time from having to email back and forth, scan documents, and add them to individual files.

A homeowner's signed estimate can be turned into an Order with a button.

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Material Orders

Once that packet is returned to the Job File, RooferIntel connects to preferred supplier catalogs so that orders can be placed directly from an Estimate through the CRM instead of having to be remade in a different system. Admins can set dates and times for when materials will be dropped off, and they can also add notes that will be saved with that Job so that there is no confusion when the order comes.


With one more click, your office administrators and bookkeepers can turn paper into invoices and send them through QuickBooks. With unique trackers for supplements and mortgage checks, insurance paperwork stays clean and organized, there is no double entry, and the business owner can see overhead and costs in real-time without leaving RooferIntel.

Giving your Office Admin staff the tools they need to do their jobs quickly and well directly affects how well your business does.

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