Tax Preparation Guide for Your Residential Roofing Business
Admin Admin September 14, 2022

Tax Preparation Guide for Your Residential Roofing Business

While homeowners contend with weather-related roof damage, roofers face their own storms. As tax season approaches, residential roofing businesses scramble to get their financial houses in order. Have you gathered all of the necessary paperwork? Is your organization prepared for an audit? Do you have a complete accounting of your dealings?

This is a difficult moment, but there are methods to cope. With some forethought and planning, your company can weather the tax storm without being washed away. Here are two strategies that will make your tax preparation easier in the future.

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1. Get All Your Paperwork Together

Finding information and identifying key papers is a significant source of stress when doing taxes for a small company. If you're bringing in a tax expert, your file system may work well for the office workers, but you'll find yourself fumbling about trying to explain where everything is. You may spend too much time looking for the evidence you need to confirm your costs since it's spread out in multiple areas. Perhaps one of your vital records was misplaced or destroyed. A more reliable system for recording and storing all this data is required.

It may be too late to retrospectively arrange your papers, but it's never too late to start centralizing all of your business's data. You may save time and effort on various chores, including tax preparation, by consolidating all of the data related to your residential roofing company.

In the cloud, roofing apps like RooferIntel safely save this data where it is readily available and cannot be lost or stolen. With functions like filing firm records in a central location instead of having them all over the place. You will be able to compile all the necessary documentation for tax time since all contracts, estimates, and material orders will be in one spot. Whenever you have a query regarding the completed work or the rationale behind a particular expense, you may go back to your task files, which RooferIntel automatically creates for you.

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2. Utilize a Small Business Accounting Software

You don't need to create the wheel when filing your taxes. The accounting and tax preparation software designed specifically for small companies already exists, and it may greatly simplify your life. Accounting software is a great way to handle your tax and deduction paperwork if you don't have a bookkeeper or accountant or if you have and want to help them out.

Some homeowners' roofing companies think they're alright to keep their records manually or using spreadsheets. Yet this accounting is notoriously prone to human mistakes, which may lead to significant complications, especially when tax time rolls around. You shouldn't play it safe with your money since mistakes might have serious consequences. Keeping your records in order and everything accounted for precisely all year long is vital to your firm's profitability.

QuickBooks is the industry standard and a household name for good reason. It's designed to make accounting, accept payments, and keep the books simple for small companies. It allows you to keep track of your mileage, optimize your deductions, and save your receipts, all of which are pretty useful come tax time. Using QuickBooks as your accounting software when filing your taxes may remove much of the uncertainty.

Fortunately, RooferIntel can sync with QuickBooks, allowing you to keep track of all your financial data in one location alongside your estimates and contracts. Using this integration will save you time and effort by preventing you from entering the same information again, and it will also help you make clear connections between your work and your money. Integrating RooferIntel and QuickBooks significantly boosts your accounting records and makes figuring out your tax liability much easier.

There will always be a storm during tax season, but that doesn't mean everything has to fall apart. If you utilize accounting software to maintain your books and keep track of your paperwork, you may have a smoother experience come tax time. Filing your taxes will likely be more accessible and take less time than you anticipated, giving you more time to focus on expanding your residential roofing company.

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