The Five Steps To Obtaining A Virtual Roofing Estimate
Admin Admin May 18, 2022

Many envision a drone over a home, snapping the roof for virtual roof inspections. But what should you expect when you get a virtual roofing estimate?

virtual roofing estimate

1. Choosing the best vendor or professional to serve as your roof inspector

There are numerous prospects to select from when it comes to aerial imagery vendors. Everyone is jumping into the fray these days. However, it's crucial to state that not all options are equal.

You'll want to keep these things in mind when choosing a virtual roof inspector:

  • Exactly how many years of background do they have?
  • What kind of visuals are they using?
  • Are they utilizing any special equipment to acquire the images?
  • What perspectives do they employ? Is it oblique or orthogonal?
  • To what extent are their photographs realistic, and how high quality are they?
  • Are the drones piloted manually or automatically if they are?
  • Which customer service options do they have?
  • Are they well-known inside their field?

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2. Tell them what you're aiming for

Virtual roof inspections are utilized for insurance evaluations and roof replacement estimates. And each has its own unique requirements.

When creating estimates for homeowners, you need high-quality photographs and 3D models that can be readily measured. And you need measurements to determine material and labor costs.

Tell your provider precisely what you want from the virtual examination and ask whether they've done comparable work before. You should also specify what data you want in the report.

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3. Inquire about their methods for taking and transmitting photographs and reports

After choosing a provider and explaining your requirements, thoroughly analyze their procedures. Ask how frequently they update their graphics and data.

If photos aren't updated often, you may convince a homeowner they can merely replace shingles instead of reshingling the whole roof. Seeing the actual state of the roof, you'll have a hard time explaining why they need to spend much more money.

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4. Obtain specifics about the roof report's deliverables

The next step is to clarify what will be included in their roof report with the vendor. A sample report would be ideal since it would give you an idea of what you may anticipate.

All of the details are included in the report's summary at the conclusion, which will assist you in preparing an estimate. Linear measures and the number of roof features are summarized in the property's summary.

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5. Order your virtual roofing estimate report

The final step is to buy your virtual roofing estimate report after you've decided on a provider. A basic online account with the seller and the location of the property is usually all that is required.

After then, it's simply a matter of sitting back and waiting. Better than clambering on a scorching roof, I tell you.) Using the measurements in the report, you may estimate the cost of materials and labor for the homeowner as soon as it arrives on your desk.

In many cases, the features included in the reports may be utilized to enhance your estimate in some way. In addition, property owner reports elevate your estimate above the rest of the pack in terms of quality and professionalism.


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