The Most Common Reasons Why Many Roofing Businesses Fail
Admin Admin April 5, 2022

Running a roofing business can be a daunting task. There are so many components to keep an eye on when running a roofing company, so it can be easy for seemingly unimportant things to slip. However, the most common of these slips can cost you a company. Here are the most common mistakes that you should avoid.


1. Wrong investment in marketing

The brand name is a huge asset to a roofing company and is essential to getting your name out there in the targeted area and delivering business performance. Investing in marketing can help your business build a roofing brand faster. Marketing can be complicated - many contractors aren't sure where to invest or what the best marketing strategy is, and as a result, they invest their time and effort poorly with little or no return. 

The first step to making sure you have effective marketing is to spend your money in the right places. While sponsoring a local shuffleboard team may sound "cool," you're unlikely to get a good return on investment from it. Investing in social media or trade shows and keeping your website up to date will help expose your company name to the right audience by using your budget wisely. In a nutshell, to make sure your marketing is effective, identify the ideal customers for your product and target that demographic with your marketing to maximize it. 

2. Lack of procedures and standards

This is a common problem for many businesses because building a set of processes and standards can take a year or even more improvement. Roofers without an organized set of processes often struggle when it comes to recruiting new employees, managing new leads, and tracking costs throughout their operations. Unfortunately, this kind of disorganization almost always leads to failure in the roofing industry.

Contractors often want to start operations and start work right away and don't prefer to have any structured processes to guide them. Avoid this by establishing a series of steps that everyone in your company follows to take a new leadership throughout the process. It can be beneficial to establish a standard checklist that you follow for each job that includes your standard procedures and processes as well as all safety and OSHA regulations that must be met. When all the contractors at your roofing company follow the same standards and operate the same way, it's much easier to track work progress, avoid OSHA violations, and meet compliance requirements and your customer's needs.

3. Lack of investment in staff training

Failure to invest in initial and ongoing training for your teams and teams is a common reason why many roofing contractors see huge staff turnover, and ultimately failure. Many companies believe that their new employees are ready to rush into the fray as soon as they are hired. However, new employees (and former employees) should be trained in the expectations you have for their role, as well as the processes you have established to maintain your company's quality standards.

Lack of proper training can result in your employees not being able to work to their full potential, or even worse, making mistakes that could have been easily avoided. Training can mean anything from giving them a demo of your product or service to sending them to a coach or mentor in your organization who can help them define their role and succeed. This means designating space to have roofs that stimulate and simulate normal weather damage that can be seen by staff in the field. This investment allows new employees the opportunity to hone their skills and practice on all devices before they even get on the job.


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