The Role of Reporting Software in the Development of Your Company
Admin Admin January 6, 2023

It's natural to assume that a company will be successful and lucrative if it has an entire pipeline and a busy production schedule. Contrary to popular belief, however, being actively engaged does not guarantee achievement. It's possible to have a hectic schedule yet still be dissatisfied with your profits.

Reports on sales and production may be helpful performance tools for monitoring your firm's well-being, efficiency, and profitability. RooferIntel's ReportsPlus reporting function is one of many options for keeping tabs on and analyzing your company's data. Still, it may help you save time and get a clearer picture of how things are going. Here are three ways sales and production statistics and other business performance tools may help your roofing company flourish.

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Find ways to improve efficiency and output.

There is numerous potential for delays to occur at any point along your project pipeline, from putting out the first contract to collecting the final payment. There will be variations in the time it takes for jobs to go through the channel, but keeping tabs on the average time can help you spot patterns that lead to inefficiencies so you can fix them and boost production.

You can see how much time the Roofer is taking using the Time in Process report.

Salespeople's averages for how long it takes leads to go through the various stages of the pipeline are recorded in Intel's ReportsPlus. This facilitates the identification of inefficient processes and the creation of plans to improve them. For instance, if one salesperson's average time for a task to go from prospect to authorized is longer than usual, you may advise them to add automated emails or texts to their follow-up process to better engage with the options and speed up the workflow.

Have a more profound knowledge of how each employee performs.

Keeping tabs on your sales team's efficiency can allow you to recruit better employees and plan for growth. Knowing how your staff is performing, individually and in comparison to one another, will enable you to prepare them for future success better.

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To quickly and easily assess the performance of your whole sales team, look at the Closing Proportion report in Intel to see the percentage of leads closed, split down by sales representative. You may then take action to enhance the performance of any failing salespeople by assigning them to a mentor inside the organization or working with them directly to identify and solve any areas of weakness.

Determine where your projections are off and find ways to boost profits.

Having many customers only sometimes translates to a healthy bottom line. Keeping tabs on your company's profit margins throughout the year might help you spot off predictions and make necessary adjustments.


A Profitability Report is included in RooferiIntel's ReportsPlus, which provides a breakdown of job profitability by salesperson and geographic region. Problems, such as money being lost on jobs, may be caught early by examining a report like this, and the underlying causes can be addressed so that the same mistakes aren't repeated in future jobs. If you find that you are routinely losing money on jobs, for instance, you may set up an audit system to trace the source of the problem.

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Tools for measuring and improving company performance to spur expansion.

The success and profitability of your roofing company depend on your ability to analyze and improve its operations. The health of your firm may be monitored by keeping tabs on key performance indicators like the closing rates of your sales force and the overall profitability of each assignment. Among the twenty configurable reports included with RooferIntel ReportsPlus is the Time in Process report, the Closing Percentage Report, and the Profitability Report.

Find out how the reporting tools of RooferIntel may benefit your roofing company with a brief demonstration.

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