The Three Steps to Understanding How Roofing Insurance Claims Work
Admin Admin April 12, 2022

The Three Steps to Understanding How Roofing Insurance Claims Work

When it comes to understanding roofing insurance claims, it might be tough to grasp at first, primarily if you've never dealt with them before. After a severe storm, finding roof damage is a stressful experience. You may have many queries and worries in dealing with your roof insurance.

We can't address all of the concerns and questions that most homeowners have regarding the insurance process in one piece.

We can, however, provide you with three steps to help you understand how roofing claims work so that you may have a stress-free experience.

What are the Three Steps to How Roof Insurance Claims Work?

1. Ocular Inspection by an Adjuster

The Three Steps to Understanding How Roofing Insurance Claims Work

After the homeowner has reported the damage to their insurance company, the insurance company will dispatch an adjuster to inspect the damage for themselves. This insurance adjuster will check the roof, paying particular attention to any areas of damage noted by your company during the initial roof inspection.

It is critical for someone from your team to be there and meet with the adjuster while they do their inspection. This will let you manage any concerns the adjuster may have and ensure that no damage is overlooked.

After the adjuster has completed their examination, they will develop their own appraisal of the damage and dispatch it to the insurance company for consideration.

2. Review of the Claim by the Insurance Company


A further step is for the insurance company to examine the damage assessment, also known as the claim. During this period, the insurance company will analyze the report of damage submitted by the adjuster to determine how much money should be paid to the homeowner for repairs.

Insurance restoration projects are often delayed due to the length of time it takes for this procedure to be completed successfully. The insurance company may request more data or evidence concerning the damage from your roofing business throughout the claim review process or they may ask you questions about the information you gave.

You'll need to react to their requests as soon as possible to keep the claims review process going forward, and you'll need to be prepared to provide proof to support your evaluation of the damage.

3. Finalization of the Claim by the Insurance Company


As soon as the claim is evaluated and processed, the insurance company will determine the ultimate amount of damages to be paid. At this time, the homeowner will get a check from the insurance company in the claim amount. As stated in the policy, this check is meant to cover expenses associated with restoring the roof to its original condition or replacing the roof entirely, whichever is more expensive.

Also, as soon as the claim is resolved and the check has been received, the insurance company's participation has ended. You and the homeowner may now come to an agreement on a formal scope of work and draft a contract for the repairs or replacement of the damaged items. Most of the time, this agreement will fully compensate you for the damages identified in the assessment, but, in other situations, the homeowner may need you to do extra repair work covered by the insurance check.

The Road to Easier Insurance Claims

As a homeowner, understanding how roof insurance claims operate and what you can do to enhance the process is an easy and straightforward chore to do. Additionally, you will keep the process operating quickly and effectively so that there is less of a lag between determining the extent of the damage and start work on your roof.


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