Using a Customer Relationship Management Software for Roofing Companies
Admin Admin January 10, 2023

Your roofing company needs solutions to its most prominent issues. You've been studying roofing CRM software and other company management tools. You're wondering how software may help your roofing company. How do roofers utilize this tech? Has it helped them with your issues?

RooferIntel routinely discusses how our software helps roofers achieve their company objectives, overcome obstacles, and plan for expansion. Their tales will help other roofers determine whether the software suits them. Three companies employed roofing contractor CRMs to operate smarter.

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Teamwork Synchronization

A roofing contractor CRM streamlines company operations. Roofing software may improve every part of your company, from managing paperwork to viewing project progress. More efficient companies may focus on expansion, job sales, and customer service.

RooferIntel showed a Midwest storm restoration company this. The company's CRM software wasn't built for roofing contractors, so they had to customize it to their requirements. Software adoption was poor, staff was disgruntled, and they spent a lot of time finding and organizing information. To boost company productivity, the owner wanted a new software solution.

RooferIntel helped staff communicate and work faster. The office could monitor all work data and progress in one spot. Sales and manufacturing personnel spent less time on non-essential tasks and worked faster on roofing business essentials. Result? Production and revenue tripled.

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Management Enhancement

All roofers used pen and paper to run their companies. As technology advances, new company management solutions appear yearly, yet many roofing firms still use the same ways. A roofing contractor CRM helps you monitor tasks, safeguard data, and avoid document loss and mistakes. Switching may enhance business communication and teamwork.

Tulsa's roofing company's data was in paper files, preventing growth. They used RooferIntel as their business management solution to better organize and share information with their crew. Organization, efficiency, and communication were the goals.

RooferInte, their roofing contractor CRM, centralized all their data, improving visibility and employee responsibility. They eliminated manual procedures and improved teamwork, improving corporate performance and customer satisfaction.

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Boosting Growth

All roofing companies seek growth. Every roofer wants to maximize growth, revenue, and profitability. Roofing contractor CRMs may boost company development. Roofing software helps you flourish with time-saving and efficiency-boosting capabilities.

RooferIntel helped a northern Virginia roofing company develop rapidly. The owner chose RooferIntel as the finest roofing software for his expansion plan. Our software helped the roofing company handle leads and complete tasks. This efficiency helped the sales team entire more agreements in their target market and optimized corporate development. RooferIntel helped one roofing company expand from $5 million to $12 million in sales in a year.

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