Using Aerial Measurements During Storm Season to Your Advantage
Wade Warren Wade Warren August 5, 2022

It's storm season! And every storm that blows across your neighborhood has the potential to bring you additional work and the chance to earn more money. With proper systems and employees in place, roofing companies have an excellent opportunity to take advantage of high output markets after the storms.

Using Aerial Measurements to Identify New Opportunities:

Before sending a salesperson to a customer's door, roofing contractors may digitally canvass an area just after a storm. As a result of preordering aerial roofing measures from reliable providers, your employees may avoid the properties that were damaged most and focus on those that had the most damage.

These reports in your job files may help your sales teams answer questions, show homeowners the damage, and have the necessary paperwork ready to sign when they arrive on the scene.

Using a Software Platform to Sync Your Reports Saves You Time and Helps Close the Deal:

Preordering roofing measuring reports for properties you haven't sold yet may be pricey. Still, the influence on your book of business and the time spent between sales visits is essential and typically offsets the original outlay.

Remember that your sales staff have to go from one area to another, climb on roofs, chat to residents, and then request specific property reports. To save time, have your sales teams arrive at each possible transaction armed with detailed estimates of labor and material expenses and a well-drafted contract.

Before meeting with prospective clients, your sales staff may utilize this data to accurately appraise specific houses, make notes on all property elements, and make educated judgments to homeowners immediately without having to "get back to them."

If you're a small organization, you may not see the benefit in paying monthly fees for these metrics when you're already hiring competent sales representatives to perform the work. There are several reasons why you should not brush off the expense of a measuring company as too costly or useless.

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Accurate Measurements Mean Accurate Estimates and Contracts:

Preparing contract estimates with precise aerial measurement reports helps prevent human error when calculating material prices that affect the ultimate contract amount.

Preparation is crucial, so you don't have to spend time making mistakes in your material ordering. Additionally, you can be sure that no details, such as the color of the shingles or the number of nails you purchased, have been overlooked by using a CRM like RooferIntel to complete contracts.

Without an effective software system for coordinating interactions between office staff and field representatives, the roofing industry is more likely to lose out on potential customers by failing to arrive at home visits unprepared and promptly follow up with homeowners who have expressed interest in their products or services. This lack of organization might cost you the business of a more organized roofer.

To run a successful roofing company, you need RooferIntel. We have the most outstanding roofing customer service and the best industry software to help you build your business quicker than your competitors.

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