Ways to Make Supplier-Direct Ordering Easier for Your Business
Admin Admin May 30, 2022

Is the manner you're procuring your supplies effective and handy, or are you doing it out of habit? Now say hello to supplier-direct ordering.

Improving your company's productivity by simplifying and automating your supplier-direct ordering is one of your most critical and most straightforward options. For even small businesses, it's worth setting up a list of products and services from your chosen vendor that streamlines the ordering process and provides digital documentation that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.

Here are some ways to take supplier-direct ordering to the next level at your company.

Supplier direct ordering

1. Making a Call

Maybe you've always ordered goods by contacting your local supplier agent and reading off your order. This practice leaves minimal documentation, and they incur the danger of mishearing or misunderstanding a command. Since your agent didn't hear you, you might purchase brown material shingles and get black ones instead. Even if your salesperson sends you a confirmation, you must check, may be correct, and file it.

2. Faxes and scans

Someone produced a Word or Excel Form that your organization may use to make orders. As a result, you fill it out to the best of your knowledge and abilities before faxing, scanning, or sending it to your agent. However, you must still produce a new document for each order, and there is still the danger of misunderstanding due to your chicken scratch or incomplete order.

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3. CRMs

Orders may be placed using a sophisticated Excel Spreadsheet or a CRM with supplier connectivity. These document-generating systems are very accurate and legible, but they may still fail if not rigorously maintained and updated by skilled employees.

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4. Increasing Efficiency with Automated Supplier Ordering

It all boils down to paper - you need that document, template, or computer file in front of you. You don't know what you don't have.

One of the significant benefits of an integrated ordering system is eliminating human mistakes. Using a supplier-integrated CRM or Business Management Tool reduces the number of stages, reduces paperwork, and improves accuracy, readability, and documentation.

5. Supplier Sync

True Ordering Automation starts with a direct Ordering link to your local supplier. This link guarantees that your company's price is applied to real-time items. Syncing your accounts allows you to easily monitor orders, payments, and cash flow.

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6. Automated and Integrated Templates

Making Templates for all the systems and materials you use is a terrific approach to simplifying your operation. It may turn your estimates into orders or produce fresh orders with a unified appearance and feel that matches your corporate identity. Required fields prevent you from submitting incomplete orders to your supplier, and templates apply your company's price and handle the arithmetic for you.

7. Organizing

Every order in a Job File is in one location, making it easy to retrieve documentation and changes on the job site or later in your archives.

Cloud-based orders allow your Sales and Labor teams to check items on-site without having copies of that one piece of paper.

Orders in your files mean you don't have to sift through mountains of papers or computer files to find records. This is useful if you are on a warranty or repair call and need to reference previous work done at a property.

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8. Improved Expense Visibility

Having an electronic Order connected with each task helps you manage and predict spending more precisely since supplier pricing is updated in real-time.

It's impossible to run a roofing company without RooferIntel. The best customer assistance, industry-leading tools, and an automated supplier-direct buying capability are all included. Visit RooferIntel's website to learn more about their services.


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