What Are The Top-Rated Roofing Estimating Software Features?
Admin Admin December 6, 2022

Are estimates taking too long? Do you overestimate roofing jobs?

Many roofers want to simplify estimates to avoid mistakes and save time. Roofing software helps provide fast, accurate estimates. How do you choose the best roofing estimate software?

Learn about roof estimating software, its features, and its advantages.

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What Does Roof Estimating Software Do?

The software lets roofers develop, deliver, and store estimates. This software includes:

  • Digital estimates
  • Elevation calculators
  • Aerial report
  • E-signatures

Some roofing estimation software is a stand-alone utility. Other software combines these features for company management and integrates estimating capabilities with company management tools.

1. Built-in Aerial Measurement Integrations to Improve Estimates

Accurate measurements improve estimations. If you know the size, length, and pitch of a roof, you can buy the right supplies, calculate labor costs, and provide superior customer service. If your measurements are wrong, the estimation process suffers. This messiness might cost you business to a better-organized roofer. The best roof estimation software improves measures. It helps you develop better estimates, save time, and save overhead.

Roofers can better measure using EagleView and GAF Quick Measure. When you request measures, you receive a thorough, precise report of every portion of the roof without having to climb up or depend on calculations.

The roofing estimating software interfaces with EagleView and GAF Quick Measure so that you can request precise measurement results straight from the site. This makes it simple to collect the dimensions you need and store them in your task file and other project data—no need to find work dimensions. You may use them anytime.

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2. Digital Estimate Documents

How do you transform reliable measurements into an estimate? Manually calculating supplies and labor hours, compensating for waste and profit margins, and providing an estimate for the client. Using spreadsheets or templates might be time-consuming and inaccurate. Roofing software saves time, lowers mistakes, and boosts customer satisfaction.

The technology helps roofers make exact estimations. This utility converts measures to orders. Using the measurements, roofers may quickly generate estimates, including material and labor costs. Pre-sets on the platform and recorded measurements provide you exact prices.

SmartDocs allows you to construct an estimate from a library of custom templates after labor and materials are computed. This may be done inside the software and communicated to your prospective consumer. You may conceal or add pricing information as appropriate, display your business heading, and give eSignature to save travel time.

3. Integrations With Suppliers Boost Ordering Efficiency

Knowing your roofing material order prices will help you forecast future expenditures and negotiate price spikes. Roofing software can help you predict material prices and availability.

These interfaces enable you to access real-time pricing on available items, develop quicker, more exact estimates, optimize your production process, and get insight into your order status, all from the same business management software.

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4. Team-Friendly Tools

Your roof estimation software should be straightforward to use and have adequate training.

The UI is intuitive, unlike many software solutions. Even "tech-averse" team members may utilize it. Everything works as expected, and you can quickly locate what you need.

Having inquiries is ok. Purchases include hands-on instruction. The award-winning customer support will assist you through the setup process and ensure the system is set up to meet your requirements. They will also teach you about our entire range of features so you can use them confidently.

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