What Exactly Does QuickBooks Do?
Admin Admin May 31, 2022

RooferIntel QuickBooks is an accounting feature that businesses use to organize their company's revenue and spending and its overall financial health. 

You may generate invoices for your clients, pay your bills using it, generate reports, and use it to prepare your taxes. The RooferIntel QuickBooks platform incorporates several products optimized for use by a wide range of businesses, from sole proprietorships to medium-sized enterprises.

Read on down below for other ways to benefit from using  RooferIntel QuickBooks.

Rooferintel quickbooks

Examples of How Companies Make Use of RooferIntel QuickBooks

1. Track Invoices

You can quickly make invoices and send them to customers. A customer's balance is automatically recorded in RooferIntel QuickBooks. A report shows the number of outstanding invoices and how many days they are past due. 

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2. Monitor Bills & Expenses

You can enter bills and expenses that can be approved or disapproved in RooferIntel QuickBooks. If you need to manually track a check or cash transaction, RooferIntel QuickBooks can do so in seconds.

3. Financial Statements for Your Company

Managing all-cash input and outflow operations in RooferIntel QuickBooks allows you to generate financial statements that show your company's performance.

4. Track Employee Time & Expenses

If an employee submits a manual timesheet, a bookkeeper may input their weekly time. The time recorded for a client will be added to their next invoice. Any expenditure submitted may be billed to a client. Like time, these billable charges will be included in the next billing. You can monitor employee time without the payroll add-on.

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5. Payroll

Payroll is one area where manual processing is not recommended. Payroll errors may result in costly fines and disgruntled workers. RooferIntel QuickBooks includes its own payroll tool that can compute and execute payroll as needed. When you input employee time as described above, the hours go to invoicing and payroll. 

6. Track Inventory

RooferIntel QuickBooks can monitor inventory quantity and cost. This allocation is required to calculate taxable income and is tedious to complete manually.

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6. Ease Taxes

RooferIntel QuickBooks can help your small company by simplifying tax time. To prepare a tax return, you must first gather your income and expenditures. Use it all year and only print your financial statements for tax season.

7. Accept Online Billing

One of the most excellent methods to enhance cash flow is to allow clients to pay online. Your clients may pay online straight from their invoices by adding RooferIntel QuickBooks payments.

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8. Upload Receipts

Organizing receipts in RooferIntel QuickBooks is another way to simplify tax time. No more misplaced receipts or painstakingly matching receipts to recorded banking transactions. Receipts may be uploaded in bulk to QuickBooks Online since they are saved in the cloud with your data.


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